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Physics Department

The department of Physics was established along with the Institute in the year. The department is an important component of the Institute to provide instruction in the subject Engineering Physics to the under-graduate students. Basic Sciences form an important part of engineering education and provides the background knowledge required to understand the concepts of engineering fields. Engineering Physics is a common subject taught to all engineering graduates irrespective of the branches of their study. The department has been recognized as Research Centre by VTU to offer M.Sc. (Engg.) by research and Ph.D Programmes.


To equip students with knowledge to understand and apply the basics of physics to help improve the quality of life through practical solutions to common problems.


  • To provide quality education in the area of Physics to assist Engineers to understand the basic technology and apply them effectively.
  • To interact with faculty and students of all disciplines of Engineering to promote innovation, creativity and professionalism with the larger ambition of taking the Institution to greater visibility and higher standard.


Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering Physics Lab provides the first laboratory experience for engineering students:

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Crystal Growth Laboratory

Department of Physics has established a Crystal Growth Laboratory for growing single crystals

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Thin Film Laboratory

Thin Film Laboratory for the preparation and study of thin film deposits or device applications.

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Research Centre

Preparation and characterization of materials are the initial steps towards using them for various applications. It will be of utmost importance to obtain materials in the required structural and microstructural form to achieve optimum efficiency in the applications they are used in. There are various techniques available for obtaining materials in their bulk single crystalline form and also in thin film form.

The department Research Centre has been recognized by VTU in the year 2009. The Department research centre offers both Part-time and full-time Ph.D. in Physics. Currently three candidates have registered for Ph.D under the centre. The department has two of the faculty members recognized as VTU approved Research Supervisors. The following faculty members are the research supervisors/guides:

Sl.No. Research Guides Research Area
1. Dr. Manjunatha K.B. Third-order nonlinear optics