1 Grey Matter

Grey Matter, the quiz club of NMAMIT founded in 2009, is one of the oldest clubs on campus. The club's primary goal is to foster a quizzing culture among the members by nurturing new talents. The club conducts several quizzes on topics such as sports, mythology, anime, debates, and dumb charades. 'MELAS', the quiz event, is the flagship program of Grey Matter.

2 Rachana Club

The club conducts various art events, training programs, and workshops to enhance the skill and creativity of the members. Club Rachana encourages the members to excel in their drawing and painting skills. The club conducts several competitions and exhibitions to portray the works of members. Club also runs training programs on sketching, painting, digital doodling, and crafts.

3 Authorcraft

Authorcraft is the premier literary and cultural club of NMAMIT, focusing on being a centre for poetry, prose, standup, and scriptwriting. The club conducts regular meetings and open mics, and offers a space for club members to showcase & hone their talents.

"Nirvana," an annual compilation magazine of various works by Authorcraft members, and "Steal the Spotlight," NMAMIT's largest open mic contest are the two flagship programs of Authorcraft.

4 Yuj for Life

Yuj For Life, is the official yoga club of NMAMIT. Members regularly practice yoga to achieve a happy mind and healthier body. Yuj For Life team has won various state and national level competitions.

The club conducts Yoga training programs to impart basic knowledge about this science and help the students to maintain total health and wellness.

5 Annadana

The Annadana Club is on a noble mission of lending a helping hand to those who need it. The club donates rice, groceries, toys, books, and other essential items to the poor and needy. Annadana club tries to bring happiness and smiles to the faces of the needy with the help of volunteer students.

The prime mission of the club is that all should have the basic needs of life, such as food, housing, and clothing. Team members are constantly working to educate the students to thrive and become responsible members of society.

6 Aura Club

The Aura Club encourages students to take on social responsibility and contribute to making the world a better living place. The student members organise charity drives, social awareness campaigns, and interactions with the inmates while visiting orphanages, nursing homes, and special schools. The club tries to bring smiles to the faces of the needy.

7 Clicz: Photography club
8 HackerEarth Hub

HackerEarth Hub provides students a platform for enhancing their coding skills and preparing for upcoming placements through various events. Coding contests, competitive programming events, placement talks, webinars, and exciting hackathons offer programmers a place to exhibit their coding skills.

9 Ecolution

Ecolution is a club of environmentally conscious students at NMAMIT who believe in preserving nature for future generations. The club organises cleanups, sapling plantation drives, and environmental awareness campaigns.

10 Kalanjali
11 Stereo club
12 Taaleem - The drama club

Taaleem, the niche of drama and theatre enthusiasts of NMAMIT, is known for its exotic troupe of actors, scriptwriters, videographers, and editors. The aim of the club is to nurture budding talents in various fields, including mad ads, skits, mimes, street, and stage plays.

The club performs acts on various social concerns, mythological plays, etc. during Kannada Rajyotsava, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Incredia, etc., The club members also enthusiastically participate in different college fests and cultural competitions.

13 SaCAClub(Soft skills and Communication Association)

SACA emphasizes enhancing peers' soft skills. SACA provides a platform for enthusiastic speakers about leading, communicating, and public speaking. The association organises many events such as mock interviews, debates, Model United Nations (MUN), open mics, and personal development activities.

14 Silver Screen – Movie Club
15 ISIRI Kannada Samithi