Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science


Chemistry Department

The Department Chemistry, since its establishment in 1986, has been playing a profound role in providing a strong basic foundation for first year BE students. The Department offers Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Chemistry Laboratory courses at first and second semester level to approximately 900 students of all branches as a foundation course. The Department practices Outcome Based Education since 2014. The Department has been recognized as a Research Centre by VTU in the year 2011 and presently seven research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D in the Research Centre. The Department has been awarded external and internal research funds and has 40 research papers published in national and international journals to its credit. The Department has well qualified and experienced staffs who involve actively to achieve the vision and mission of the Department.


Partnering with core disciplines of engineering to develop competent engineers with inquisitiveness towards science research and its applications


The department is committed to nurture students to achieve their academic potential, independent thoughts, high ethical standards and to establish inter-disciplinary research programmes


Engineering Chemistry Lab

The Department has two Laboratories for first year students covering an area of 1500 square feet each.

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Research Grants

Sl.No. Name Granting Agency Title of the Project Amount (Lakhs) Year Status
1 Dr. Ramesh Bhat Seed Money NMAMIT Development of Corrosion Resistant and Antimicrobial Touch Surfaces Through layer by layer nano structured Zn-Ni-TiO2 composite coatings 13.8 2017 Sanctioned
2 Dr. Ramesh Bhat Seed Money NMAMIT Production of nanostructured Zn-Ni alloy coatings for industrial applications. 0.7 2016 Completed
3 Dr. Aarti S Bhat VGST, Government of Karnataka NiO nanophosphors: Microwave synthesis microstructure and photoluminescence 4 2015 Completed