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Started in 2002, with intake capacity of 60, the department offers B.Tech program in Biotechnology Engineering. This Program trains students in biological applications of engineering principles. Since inception, the department has achieved the credibility of having interdisciplinary research projects, MoU with industry and academia, research publications of student projects as well with faculty research fundings. A total funding of Rs. 2.87 Crores from various funding agencies has been the hallmark achievement of the department. The department facilitates unconditional support to the students for their overall development with experienced and dedicated faculty and state of the art facilities.. Analytical infrastructure includes HPLC, GC, AAS, PCR, ELISA reader, probe sonicator, lyophiliser, fermenters, Gel doc system, UV-visible spectrophotometer, Cold centrifuge, and Thermo-regulated incubator shakers. The up-to-datecurriculum and the upgraded labs promote an atmosphere of practical and knowledge-based learning principles catering to the needs of the industry to compete with the expected standards of higher education. An established Bioenergy Research, Information and Demonstration Centre (BRIDC) funded by the Karnataka State Bioenergy Development Board (KSBDB), under Government of Karnataka facilitates demonstration, awareness and disseminates information about biofuels amidst scientific community, students, farmers and public.



To accomplish excellence in Biotechnology research and creating manpower for the benefit of society and human kind with an emphasis on present and future global needs


To empower the students of Department of Biotechnology Engineering in to

  • Competent professionals to undertake projects by providing academic training and technical achievements
  • A successful professionals in research, academia and industry
  • An engineer for effective utilization of natural resources in biotechnology related industries.

To satisfy the mission of the Biotechnology Engineering program, the graduates will:

  • PEO1: Apply fundamental knowledge of mathematics, principles of physics and chemistry, and biological sciences for the engineering applications.
  • PEO2:Demonstrate the application of biotechnological processes and engineering principles through designing of industrial biochemical processes that are of societal and industrial importance.
  • PEO3: Exhibit skills of handling microbial processes, biochemical analysis by making use of state of the art instruments.
  • PEO4:Exhibit strong, independent learning, analytical and problem solving skills with special emphasis on design, communication, and an ability to work in teams.
  • PEO5:To have successful career as engineering professional or a researcher through lifelong learning in the field of biotechnology.
  • PO1: Engineering knowledge:
  • PO2: Problem analysis:
  • PO3: Design/development of solutions:
  • P04: Conduct investigations of complex problems:
  • PO5: Modern tool usage:
  • PO6: The engineer and society
  • PO7: Environment and sustainability
  • PO8:Ethics
  • P09: Individual and teamwork
  • PO10: Communication
  • PO11: Project management and finance
  • PO12: Life-long learning

Program Specific Outcomes for B.E. programme in Biotechnology set by Faculty in Biotechnology Engineering are as follows:

  • PSO 1: Demonstrate proficiency in basic science and foundation engineering courses.
  • PSO2: Demonstrate a working knowledge of advanced biological sciences.
  • PSO3: Demonstrate competence in application of engineering principles to biological systems.

Alumni Testimonials


Biochemistry Laboratory

Experiments are conducted to learn the basic techniques to identify and quantify biomolecules

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Biokinetics Laboratory

This lab facilitates the students to gain practical knowledge on Enzymatic reactions, their kinetics, immobilization

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Bio-process control and instrumentation laboratory

Bioprocess Control and Instrumentation lab is to learn various sensors, and their control using computer

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Heat and mass transfer Laboratory

The lab includes those experiments that deal with the study of basic mechanisms underlying heat and mass transfer

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Unit operations Laboratory

The Unit Operations Lab is to study the various aspects of fluid flow and mechanical operations

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Upstream processing Laboratory

Upstream Processing Technology is a very important subject for bioprocess engineers

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Microbiology Laboratory

Upstream Processing Technology is a very important subject for bioprocess engineers

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Immunology Laboratory

The diagnostic laboratory provides vital information about the patients testing their blood or serum

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For any information regarding the admissions,mail us at:



Bioenergy Research, Information and Demonstration Centre (BRIDC)

The Udupi District BRIDC, functioning under the Department of Biotechnology Engineering, NMAMIT, is one among the 32 information and demonstration centres instituted by Karnataka State Government Bio-energy Development Board (KSBDB) with average annual grant of Rs.4 lakhs. The centre, established near Sanmathi Garden (Indoor Stadium) of NMAMIT Campus in the year 2011, has a building space of 2000 sq.ft.

The centre, along with Biodiesel production from used cooking oil and various non-edible oil seeds available in Udupi District, creates awareness, and disseminates information about bio-fuels to the scientific community, students, farmers and public. It also demonstrates the technical know how of biofuel production. Production of biodiesel from locally available non- edible oil seeds and used cooking oil results in rise of eco-friendly fuel usage. Also adds revenue to the farmers, businesses, saves foreign exchange, reduces dependence on fossil fuel and creates rural employment

NMAMIT Biodiesel centre is equipped with a pilot scale chemical reactor to produce 50 litres of biodiesel from any oil source per batch in about 20-24 working hours through a chemical process in the presence of a catalyst. Seed decorticators are available to remove outer cover and recover seed kernels (30-40 kg/hr). The oil from the non-edible seeds is extracted through a mechanical expeller (20-30 kg/hr seed crushing capacity) later the oil is filtered using Plate and Frame filter assembly and then used in the production of biodiesel. Used cooking oil is also used for biodiesel production. Produced biodiesel is separated and purified for engine usage. The centre also houses a laboratory for biodiesel testing where major 5 fuel parameters (acid value, viscosity, density, flash point and copper strip corrosion) are tested. A portable Biogas unit (0.5-1 cubic meter capacity) with 2-3 kg waste handling per day is also installed in the Bioenergy centre.

Biodiesel blend of up to 20% along with regular Diesel can be used in any Diesel engine without any hardware modification. Biodiesel has a significant amount of natural lubricity and adding in levels as low as 5% can improve lubricity up to 65%, thereby reducing engine ware and tare. Biodiesel can also be used in DG sets, tractors, pump sets etc. It is much safer than petro diesel with a flash point over 1200C. Importantly, toxic emissions such as Hydro Carbons (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Particulate matter (smoke) reduces significantly for biodiesel in comparison with conventional Diesel. In some cases, the use of petro-diesel leaves a deposit at the bottom of fuel lines, tanks, and delivery systems over time. Thus usage of biodiesel due to its cleansing properties helps to dissolve any sediments deposited and initially change of fuel filter may be expected in some old vehicles.

At NMAMIT,a few college buses are fuelled with biodiesel blend (B10) successfully.

  • Provided Biodiesel to school buses of GM Vidyaniketan Public School-Brahmavar
  • Supplied7000 litres to Bangalore based hotels (boilers)
  • Supplied 1000 litres to city buses in Mangalore
  • Provided 1000 litres to Baikampady Truck transporters
  • Supplied 500 litres to Karkala taluq-panchayat office vehicles for a period of 6 months
  • Some faculty members of Nitte campus Institutions fuel their personal vehicles with biodiesel

Research and consultancy activities (List of services enclosed below)

Services Charge
B.E. Project assistance 2000 per project
B.E. Internship 1000 per student
B.Sc. Project assistance 1000 per project
B.Sc. Internship 500 per student
M.Sc. Project assistance 1500 per project
PhD/M.Tech Project assistance 2500 per project
Biodiesel Feedstock Oil Testing 500 per sample
Biodiesel Production Testing 1000 per sample
Biodiesel Density Test 200 per sample
Biodiesel Viscosity Test 300 per sample
Biodiesel Industry Management Training 3000 per Industry
Biodiesel Research & Development Training 2000 per Industry

For any activities regarding Biofuel production facilities and research consultancy the following Staff shall be contacted:

Name Designation Contact Details
Dr.Ujwal P Coordinator
Contact: 9900514490
Dr. Santhosh Poojary Scientific Assistant
Contact: 9900368688
Mr.Manjunath Rao Technical Assistant Contact: 9449244324
Mr.Vinay Shetty Lab Assistant Contact: 9880190741
  • Workshops/training/ demonstrations at BRIDC
  • Awareness camps and Exhibitions
  • Planation of biofuel saplings during World Biofuel Day (August 10)
  • Biodiesel blend usage promotion


  • Duration - 4 years
  • Semester - 08
  • Intake - 60 Students

The department is recognized as research center under VTU, Belagavi and 14 research scholars have registered for their doctoral programme. From the year 2022-23 Ph.D degree is awarded by Nitte University.

Faculty Name Year No. of Ph.D Students Registered* No. of Ph.D Students Awarded*
Dr. C. Vaman Rao 2016-17 -- 01
Dr. C. Vaman Rao 2015-16 01 --
Dr. C. Vaman Rao 2012-13 01 --
Dr. C. Vaman Rao 2011-12 01 --
Dr. C. Vaman Rao 2010-11 02 --
Dr. Ujwal P 2016-17 -- 01
Dr. Ujwal P 2015-16 01 --
Dr. Ujwal P 2012-13 01 --
Dr. Ujwal P 2010-11 01 --
Dr. Vidya S M 2016-17 -- 03
Dr. Vidya S M 2012-13 02 --
Dr. Vidya S M 2011-12 01 --
Dr. Vidya S M 2010-11 01 --
Dr. Shyama Prasad S 2015-16 02 --


PLACEMENTS: (2022-2023)

  • Somerset therapeutic limited: 06
  • SSI people: 01

PLACEMENTS: (2021-2022)

  • Natura Biotechnol Pvt. Ltd :01
  • Kantar analytics: 01
  • Samahitha research solutions: 01
  • Zenith clinical services: 01
  • Esente healthcare Pvt . Ltd.: 01
  • Tata Elxsi: 01

PLACEMENTS: (2020-2021)

  • Climber knowledge :01
  • DXC technology:01

PLACEMENTS: (2019-2020)

  • Accenture: 06
  • Exito Media Concepts:02
  • Genomic Science:01
  • TCS:01

PLACEMENTS: (2018-2019)

  • Exito Media Concepts :01

PLACEMENTS: (2017-2018)

  • Accenture: 07
  • OMIC International: 04
  • Infosys: 02

Internship/Off campus (2017-2018)

  • Bioplus life sciences: 02
  • Molecular connections: 02
  • IQVIA: 02
  • Biocon: 02

Clubs & Chapters

“Phoenix” is a student association of the Biotechnology Engineering Department of the Institute. In Greek mythology, Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or born again. Associated with the Sun, Phoenix bird obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. According to some texts, Phoenix lives over 1,400 years before rebirth. The department student organization named after the bird, organizes various technical and non-technical activities to build leadership qualities, team work, personality development and exhibition of professional and technical skills of the students.

Some of them include

  • Technical talks by external experts in the field of biotechnology
  • National level student paper and poster presentation “Parichay”
  • Biofuels days and world environmental day celebrations


    Name Semester Post
    Mr. Sathwik Shettigar Parkala VII President
    Ms. N Pranamya Kalappa V Vice President
    Ms. Prathiksha N Shetty VII Treasurer
    Ms. Rashi R Shetty V Associate Treasurer
    Ms. Nivedhya Suresh VII Cultural Secretary
    Ms. Spandana V Prasad V Associate Cultural Secretary
    Ms. Shivapriya Sajith III Co-cultural Secretary
    Mr. Sagar S Acharya VII Sports Secretary
    Ms. Sarah NIkitha Mathias V Associate Sports Secretary
    Mr. Pratham P III Co-sports secretary
    Mr. P V Reshwin Sunil VII Magazine Editor
    Mr. Sagar Prabhu V Associate Magazine Editor
    Mr. Vignesh Mallya III Co Magazine Editor
    Ms. Aarsha Ganesh VII 7th Sem CR
    Ms. Moha Thaseem Momin V 5th Sem CR
    Mr. K.S.Srikrishna Rao III 3rd Sem CR
    Mr. Hardhik Sharan Rai I 1st Sem CR


    Name Semester Post
    Mr. Mohammed Affan VII President
    Ms. Prathiksha N Shetty V Vice President
    Ms. Samruddhi V Shetty VII Treasurer
    Mr. Priyanshu K V V Associate Treasurer
    Ms. S Supritha VII Cultural Secretary
    Ms. Shreeraksha S Shastri V Associate Cultural Secretary
    Ms. Spandana V Prasad III Co-cultural Secretary
    Ms. Prapthi S Mally VII Sports Secretary
    Ms. Sonali V Associate Sports Secretary
    Ms. Sarah Nikita Mathias III Co-sports secretary
    Mr. Anish Rao VII Magazine Editor
    Mr. P V Reshwin Sunil V Associate Magazine Editor
    Mr. N Pranamya Kalappa III Co Magazine Editor

    Staff Coordinator : Ms.Sneha Nayak and Ms. Harshitha M J


    Name Semester Post
    Mr. Mohammed Atheef G A VII President
    Mr. Dhyan Prasad C M V Vice President
    Mr. Athmaram Bhat VII Treasurer
    Mr. Mohammed Affan V Associate Treasurer
    Ms. Deeksha B S VII Cultural Secretary
    Ms. Ruchitha Rao V Associate Cultural Secretary
    Ms. Shreeraksha S Shastri III Co-cultural Secretary
    Mr. Nathan Jarek Fernandes VII Sports Secretary
    Ms. Prapthi S Mally V Associate Sports Secretary
    Ms. Soumya A III Co-sports secretary
    Ms. Jayashree R VII Magazine Editor
    Mr. Anish Rao V Associate Magazine Editor
    Mr. Zishan III Co Magazine Editor

    Staff Coordinator : Dr. Anil Kumar H S


    The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading National Professional non-profit organization striving for the technical improvement of education System in our country with the motto of career development of teachers and personality development of students.

    The NMAMIT STUDENT CHAPTER OF ISTE, formed in the year 1995 in the Institute, is actively involved in organizing various technical and non-technical activities for the benefit of the students and staff. A total of ten faculty members from the Department of Biotechnology are life-time members of the society and a total of 33 students are regular members .

    The major activities of the Society are:

    Under the ISTE, there has been 2 technical talks in the last two years where in students had an opportunity to interact with external experts in the field of Biotechnology.

    The topics include

    • “ Farm to Fork “ – Mysteries within “
    • “Role of Ayurveda in Cancer Management”

    List of office bearers of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) - Department of Biotechnology Engineeringfor the year 2023-2024

    STAFF CO-ORDINATORS: Mrs Sneha Nayak

    Name USN Post
    Prathiksha N Shetty 4NM20BT033 President
    Adithi H R 4NM20BT003 Vice President
    Arpitha B P 4NM21BT009 Secretary ( 3rd Year)
    Many Promod Bharadwaj 4NM22BT021 Secretary ( 2nd Year)
    Conferences/Workshop/Seminars conducted Date No. of days Participants
    International Conference on "Affordable Strategies for Health, Environment and Food Technology” (ASHEF 2020) as a part of Multi-Conference on two days International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Engineering (ICETE- 2020)” 22 & 23 December 2020 2
    Talk on “Gender and Emotional Regulation” 30 May 2021 2 hr
    Webinar on “Understanding Variance of Emotion Regulation in Genders” 31 May 2021
    ‘Gender Integration for Social and Economic Development’ 6 June 2021 One and half Hour 33 Staff & 67 students
    One day Student Hands on Workshop on “Good Laboratory Practices” 9 to 12 August 2021 4 7th Sem Students
    An Event “BIOFILM” 28 October2021 1 BT Students
    Fresher’s Orientation Day 11 November 2021 1 2nd & 3rd year BT students
    Induction Program 13 November 2021 1 BT students
    A Talk on “A decades experience in forensic medicine” 25 November 2021 1 157 students + staff
    “Social Outreach Program” 2 December 2021 1 BT students
    Indo-Japan Bination Seminar on Biomedicine & Biotechnology at NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte 28 February 2022 90 students
    Technical talk on “Advanced Hollow fiber Membranes for Allied Applications” - 20 May 2022 120 students
    Talk on “Study Abroad Journey” 24 May 2022 3rd & 4th Year students
    Visit to “NITK Surathkal” 30 May 2022
    Technical talk on “ Unraveling the cell migration using structural biology” 17 August 2022 BT Staff & Students
    Expert talk on "Managing mental health and suicide prevention" 15 September 2022 5th & 7th BT students
    Expert talk on “India - Japan Academic Cohesive Programs and Opportunities” 17 September 2022 5th & 7th BT students

    List of MoUs

    Industry Core Area Year
    Karnataka State Biofuel (Bioenergy) Development Board, Bengaluru, GoK. Biodiesel production, marketing, training and research 2011 Till Date
    Maxibond, Bengaluru Ecofriendly gum production 2015 – 17
    Borg Scientific, Chennai Designing of fermenters 2016 – 21
    Provimi Animal Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru Nutrition supplements for animal feeds 2016 – 21
    Esente Health Care Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru Antiseptic solutions for hospitals 2016 – 21
    Upcycle-Bioenergy, Texas, San Antonio, USA Research consultancy for biofuel 2016 – 21
    Atrimed - Pharmaceuticals, Bengaluru Research consultancy for skin ailment treatment with gold nanoparticles 2017 – 22
    SanMed Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Testing of antiseptic solutions for antimicrobial activity 2017 – 22
    MEC Fuels and Chemicals LLC, Houston Texas, 77044, USA Biofuels 2018 – 24