Background of Nitte-KBL MSME Conclave-2019 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) have been globally considered as an engine of economic growth and an analytical instruments for promoting equitable development. The MSME sector contributes significantly to the economic and social development of the country by fostering Entrepreneurship and generating employment opportunities. The growth and development of MSME sector are closely interwoven with our quest for becoming a global economic power. Despite their high enthusiasm and inherent capabilities to grow, MSMEs in India are also facing several problems like the sub-optimal scale of operation, technological obsolescence, supply chain inefficiencies, increasing domestic and global competition, fund shortage, change in manufacturing strategies and turbulent and uncertain market scenario. To survive with such issues and compete with large and global enterprises, SMEs need to adopt innovative approaches. In this context the Nitte-KBL MSME Conclave "Empowering MSMEs for Sustainable Growth" is organised jointly by the department of MBA, NMAMIT,Nitte and Karnataka Bank Limited. Participants The total number of delegates attended the conclave was 255 out of which 193 were MSME Entrepreneurs and remaining were CEOs of MSMEs. 70 percent of the delegates were from Udupi & Mangalore district and remaining were from different parts of Karnataka