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Minor Degree Applicable to Non-IT branches

As per the university guidelines , B.Tech students of Non-IT branches can register for minor degree options in the following specializations:

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
2. Blockchain
3. Cyber Security
4. Data Science
5. Internet of Things

Successful students will be awarded B.Tech (major discipline) with minor in. (specialization)

Special Cell for COVID-19


As per the directives from VTU ( Visweswaraya Technological University), Belagavi vide circular number VTU/PS/2020-21/06, dated 5 May 2020, the Special Cell has been formed at NMAMIT, Nitte on 11 May 2020 comprising following members:

  • Dr. Niranjan N Chiplunkar, Principal  - Nodal Officer 
  • Dr. Shrinivasa Rao B.R., Vice Principal & CoE - Member
  • Dr. I.R.Mithanthaya, Vice Principal & Dean (Academics) - Member
  • Dr. K.Subrahmanya Bhat, Dean (Student Welfare) - Member
  • Dr. Udaya Kumar Reddy, Prof. & HoD, Dept. of CSE - Member
  • Dr. Srinivasa Pai P, DCoE  - Member Secretary

The First meeting was held on 13 May 2020 at 3 p.m.All members were present. 

Agenda - Discussion on VTU Circular and any other matter.

Minutes of the Meeting  - The Principal briefed the members about the purpose of the Special Cell.   The CoE informed all the members that if there is any query regarding examinations, it needs to be mentioned that it shall be communicated to the concerned as & when information is received from the University. Additional MSE to be provided for students who miss online MSE II. Further, Dean (Academics) suggested keeping a record of the students / parents who approach the Cell for clarification. 

The necessary information about the Cell has been put in the College website. 

The Second meeting was held on 27 May 2020 at 3 p.m. All members were present .

Agenda - Discussion regarding preparedness for COVID-19 and any other matter.

Minutes of the Meeting - It was decided to draw the necessary guidelines regarding managing COVID-19, after the students and staff enter the campus.  In the next meeting, the guidelines shall be approved and sent for circulation to all the concerned. 

The Third meeting was held on 13 June 2020 at 10 a.m. All members were present .

Agenda - Approval of General Guidelines for managing COVID-19 at NMAMIT and any other matter.

Minutes of the Meeting - The precautions to be taken during COVID-19 prepared as a document, "General Guidelines for managing COVID-19 at NMAMIT, Nitte", has been approved by the cell with minor changes. Further it was approved by all HoDs, the Deans and other senior officials in the Department Heads meeting held on 13 June 2020. 

Further a special COVID-19 Special Issue of NMAMIT Newsletter, giving the details of the activities carried out in terms of digital interventions, during full and partial lockdown at NMAMIT has been released on 23 June 2020, which also includes the guidelines for managing COVID 19.  

General guidelines for managing COVID 19 at NMAMIT, Nitte 

  1. Students and staff entering the campus and into different buildings will wash their hands with the sanitizer provided. sanitizers / soaps have been provided at all entry points and wash rooms. 
  2. Staff members will subject themselves to regular thermal scanning during the allotted time before they enter their premises.
  3. Classrooms will be disinfected on a regular basis.
  4. Awareness among all the stakeholders about the pandemic to cultivate and practice behavioral changes like social distancing, hand wash, sanitization, use of mask etc. is being promoted through webinars, multimedia and other means. 
  5. Respiratory etiquettes to be strictly followed.  
  6. Wearing of mask is compulsory for both staff and students and social distancing shall be maintained to the extent possible.
  7. Students will be advised to carry individual sanitizers, when coming to the college. 
  8. All laboratory facilities to be sanitized regularly following the necessary protocol.
  9. Minimum air conditioning to be used in all class rooms, laboratories and office rooms. Provisions to be made for intake of fresh air as much as possible and there should be adequate cross ventilation. 
  10.  Every staff member is encouraged to download and install the AarogyaSetu app promoted by Government of India. 
  11.  Staff and students coming from the 'containment zone' need to give a self-declaration about their health status to the Principal. 
  12. Routine medical checkup of students will be carried out randomly. 
  13. Students and faculty need to effectively utilize online resources and means to conduct activities pertaining to teaching-learning, assessment, seminars and meetings. 
  14. The academic activities in the academic calendar for next semester, will be managed using 'blended learning'. 
  15. A self-declaration from all employees / students regarding their present status and travel history will be collected. 
  16. The campus and other infrastructural facilities, particularly lavatories, drinking water and hand washing areas will be sanitized daily. 
  17. The supporting and housekeeping staff to be provided with necessary protective gear. 
  18.  Items and stationery entering into the campus from outside to be sanitized to the extent possible using UV light with sufficient latent period. Required precautions to be taken while handling stationary, inventories and goods. 
  19. Number of people in the elevators will be restricted, duly maintaining social distancing norms. Staff and students are advised to avoid the use of elevators to the extent possible. 
  20. All college vehicles to be sanitized daily through a proper protocol. 
  21. Students and staff having even mild symptoms of dry cough, fever etc., should stay at home and avoid coming to the institution and inform the concerned authorities. 
  22. Only asymptomatic staff and students shall be allowed.  
  23. Persons above 65 years of age, persons with comorbidities and pregnant women are advised to stay at home / work from home. 
  24. Inspite of taking all precautionary measures, if there is occurrence of cases among the staff and students, necessary protocol may be followed as per government guidelines to immediately take measures for isolation and prevent the spread. 
  25. Avoid social stigma with people who are infected or tested positive to the problem

NMAMIT has obtained NBA accreditation for all 7 UG Programmes for three years under Tier I till 30 June 2025

NMAMIT has obtained NBA accreditation for all 7 UG Programmes for three years under Tier I till 30 June 2025.