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Non Technical Clubs

1 Yuj for Life -
Yoga for Good Health - a club focused on making common people aware of the need of Yoga and importance of International Day of Yoga.
Along with this, conducting Yoga camps for common health issues like headache, back pain, lack of concentration, to overcome stress, to control anger, migraine, diabetes mellitus, dysmenorrhoea etc.,
2 Annadana -
Annadhana foundation with the support of all the volunteers aims for a hunger free India. India one of the superpowers of the world also hosts one of the biggest groups of starving people in the world. The food that we waste mostly inevitably land in the garbage bins. But if we can play our roles responsibly and take only as much as we intend to eat, the saved food will find its way into the empty stomachs of those, who cannot even afford for food.
  1. Collection and distribution of excess food from left from hostel mess and events such as Anniversary, hotels etc.
  2. To collect old clothes, stationary items and monetary funds
  3. Visit to St. Lawrence Old age home, Parapale
  4. Visit to Chethana Special School,Karkala
  5. Visit to Balniketan, Udupi
  6. Visit to Spanadana rehabilitation centre, Udupi
  7. Supporting Namma Bhoomi, an NGO based in Kundapur by organising stalls for them (Namma Angadi) during college fest
3 Aura Club -
is a social outreach club of NMAMIT. It is a family with an insight to reach out to those who are deprived of love, care and the human touch. We, as a family, dedicate a part of our time showing our concern for hem by sharing our knowledge and celebrating the joys of life with them.
The Main Objectives For The Year 2017 – 2018 are:
  1. Visiting new Old Age Homes and Orphanages around Nitte, Karkala, Udupi & Mangalore.
  2. To recruit new interested and effective members into the club.
  3. Introducing a teaching system if possible in Orphanages (Teaching art and crafts or drawing etc.We shall collaborate with Rachna for this too & educate them on preventive illnesses & First Aid)
  4. To spread the message of caring and loving the elderly and the needy among the student community.

The Old Age Homes Visited Till Now are:
  1. Chiranthana Old Age Home ( suratkal)
  2. Parpale Gudde Old Age Home
  3. Annadhana Old Age Home ( ? )
  4. Little Sisters of Poor in Mangalore

The Orphanages Visited Till Now are:
  1. Balniketan in Udupi
  2. Bhagini Samaj In Jeppu, Mangalore
  3. CSI Mulki Girls Orphanage
4 Clicz: Photography club -
Motto - "Let's bring out the shutterbug in you"
Objective - "To create an environment to learn and to promote creativity through photography"
Proposed events:
Photography competition: Unlike the photography competition during the college fest, we would give the participants a set of props. They will be confined to a room to relatively arrange the props. The photo they submit will be accompanied by a caption to be judged together.
Photo Walk locations:
Street photography locations in Karkala, Mangalore and Udupi.
Sanmathi Gardens (Portraiture)
Butterfly Park, Belvai (Butterfly/Insect)
Light-House, Surathkal (Landscape)
Kadri Park, Mangalore (Insect/Portrait)
Holy Hill, Mangalore (Landscape)
Gommata Betta, Karkala (Landscape)
Ram Samudra, Karkala (Landscape)
Guest lectures to be delivered by available photographers on various topics.
Mr Vineeth Vinup will be leading a workshop on Photoshop and Lightroom Exhibition at Prasad Art Gallery, Mangalore
5 Grey Matter -Quiz Club -
6 Kalanjali -
is the Dance club started by Sumana M Rao of NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte in the year 2011.
Year Plan for 2017 – 2018
  1. The club has decided to keep 3-4 Refresh workshops where we will be teaching them the basics of different forms which will mainly aim in developing and nurturing the dance forms known previously and help the students learn more forms. These workshops will be collaborated by the dancers of NMAMIT.
  2. Interactive sessions will be held along with lots of interesting activities and competitions. This is to develop their team work and compatibility. This will also act as a boundary-eraser for the fresher and the seniors and give them opportunities to discover something more.
  3. The members will be distributed and grouped together randomly and long term goals will be assigned to them so that we can gauge their as well as our productivity and efforts. This test will be more like a practical feedback for our club.
  4. They'll be given chances to choreograph their own set and show case it in front of the whole club and possibly the college during the fest.
7 Stereo club -
Vision : Music being the epithet of intellect, discipline, emotion and expression
Objective : Heading towards the idea of music as a vessel for the betterment of a student's intellect, discipline, emotion quotient and expression of ones's identity and personality
Activities :
  1. Performing in Various Cultural Programmes of the College
  2. Representing the college in various Inter College Cultural Competitions
  3. Empowering the musical talents of the students through various competitions and programmes
Year Plan for 2017 – 2018
  1. Conduction of regular meetings (compulsory 1 meeting for every 15 days , more if time permits)
  2. Meetings will most probably be conducted on Saturday and other Weekdays as per convenience
  3. Members who do not attend 2 or more meetings or perform poorly in examinations will be asked to leave the club
  4. Involving more members in the performances of the club during various occasions
  5. Providing a platform to all budding artists in the club to groom themselves appropriately and make them ready to face the big stage
  6. Helping members who require help regarding certain fundamental concepts of music by conducting seminars, workshops
  7. A set of activities through Social Media is planned, which will be monitored with care and responsibility
8 Taaleem -
The drama club
The images of club activities are available in the following link.
9 SaCAClub(Soft skills and Communication Association) -
Tagline: Make a Smarter You!
Founder: Prajwal Sharma
Mission: To create effective communicators, strong leaders, key influencers and to develop lateral thinking, creative sight and team building skills.
10 Silver Screen – Movie Club -
Fosters learning through movies & provides an outlet to stress.
11 ISIRI Kannada Samithi -
culture and tradition of our state & language i.e., Karnataka & Kannada, by organizing various events in NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte throughout the year effectively & efficiently.
  1. To promote and enrich various cultural heritage of Kannada & Karnataka
  2. To organize various activities related to our state and to explore the hidden talents of our college
  3. To create a platform for the budding talents from NMAMIT to showcase their skill and potential through social media
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