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Student Mentoring and Counselling

NMAMIT has a very effective student monitoring and counselling programme at the first year level. It is headed by Mr. Vinaya BR, a senior Faculty in the department of Mechanical Engineering. This programme basically aims to monitor,mentor and counsel first year students with regard to their academics and other adjustment issues.

It is carried at various levels.

  • At the beginning of the first semester, academically weaker students on the basis of PCM percentage in PUC are allotted Faculty Advisors to monitor their performance on an individual basis.
  • For monitoring students in group , there is a ‘ Proctor system ‘where two Faculty members are assigned the responsibility for monitoring each class They will monitor the performance of the students in terms of attendance , performance in sessional, tasks etc.
  • For academically weaker students, the programme arranges remedial classes in some selective courses where generally there are more failures.
  • After MSE – I meeting is conducted with the poor performers to know their academic problems.
  • Attendance shortage details are collected from the Faculty after 5 to 6 weeks after the start of the semester. Students having shortage are individually called and counselled , to facilitate taking necessary remedial action.
  • Twice in a semester, progress report of the students will be sent to their parents.
  • The Student Monitoring cell regularly analyses the performance of NRI, students with less than 60% in PCM and the effectiveness of the Faculty Advisor scheme.
  • Parents meet will be conducted in every semester to make the parents aware of the performance of their wards.