Summer Research Internship Program

   The man is highly innovative. With the kind of capability he has it only takes continued effort and focus to create and   innovate. An engineering students’ life in college is very precious. The future of a student depends on what he does in four years in the campus. It is during this period he can transform himself to be somebody who will be highly useful for the society and industry. When a student graduates he can contribute to the development of society around him directly or indirectly. By working for a factory he indirectly contributes to the economy of the Nation. On the other hand, by creating and by being innovative he can produce and market new products. The country as a whole develops rapidly.

   It is with this intention, at NMAMIT a concept called “Summer Research Internship Program” has been initiated. The process involves inviting faculty members to come out with project ideas for the students to work with. Later on students are invited to select the project ideas and enrol for the program. After the completion of the semester end exam in the summer, students start working on the chosen topic and work for two months. The expected deliverables are the completion of the project and preparation of a research paper. The exercise culminates in a program organizes to felicitates both students and faculty members.

   What started as trickle in 2012 has turned into a glut in 2017 with 100 plus students enrolled for the program. The Institution is even thinking about permitting students from othe Institution to participate in the program.


For more details about the ‘SRIP’ please contact

Dr. Sudesh Bekal Ph.D

Dean (R&D) & Prof. Mechanical Engineering