Indian Platform

Today, Europe and India face particular kinds of problems. Europe confronts a greying population, massive retirements and increasing pressure on its social security systems, as well as a shortage of researchers and professionals in many domains. India has an extremely young population but deficient education and healthcare systems, cities that are becoming increasingly unlivable, and a lack of research culture.

The research results of the Research Centre Comparative Science of Cultures at Ghent University, Belgium, which provides crucial support for the India Platform, show us that these problems are complementary in a particular sense: the problem of the one often holds potential solutions for the problem of the other.

However, the window of opportunity to implement such solutions and build the necessary bridges is narrowing down. With a Europe that is ‘retiring’ or turning in on itself and an India that is growing at a very fast pace but not addressing some of its central problems, the window of opportunity is less than a decade. How are we going to spend those years? So far, we have primarily seen globalisation as a matter of economic competition. We seek access to each other’s markets and we try to outcompete each other, thus curtailing our strengths rather than allowing them to flourish and be mutually beneficial.

The India Platform vision translates globalisation in a socially responsible way and thus establishes a different kind of relationship. In the 21st century, we need to transform each other’s problems into mutually beneficial dependencies: we should depend on each other in such a way that it enables us to address the particular challenges we face, such as the greying of the population in Europe and the extremely young population but problematic education system in India. This will lead to a people-to-people relationship between Europeans as a people and Indians as a people, each with their own culture, society, and history

In this context, Indian platform has helped NMAMIT link-up with some of the Universities in Europe. The details of the interactions are as given below:

India Platform Interactions at NMAMIT -   August 2015

NMAM Institute of Technology received a group of European participants of India Platform in  Aug 2015,  and consisted of such members as Prof. Jan Vanfleteren, Kamalpreet Kaur, Dr. Eva Schmidova, Dr. lvo Drahotsky, Mrs. Sofie Krol, Mr. Gregory Van Barel, Mrs. Karlien Rybels, Prof Stijn Matthys, Prof. Stefaan Vandenberghe, and Dr. Pieter Van Mierlo. About 18 faculty members from NMAMIT, Nitte, had one on one interaction with the European Participants in such areas as Bioelectronics, image processing and Medical imaging, concrete and clay Technology, Photonics, Engineering materials, Auto Mechanics, Multimedia and Communication. The team visited the nearby foundry and went round the campus and hostel blocks.

India Platform Interactions at NMAMIT  - January 2016

In continuation of our interaction with Professors from European Universities, under Aegis of India Platform, Belgium, on Jan 7, 2016, 3 professors - Dr. Ir. Mieke Uyttendaele, Dr. Ir. Greet Deruyter, Dr. Ir. Dick  Botteldooren, 2 Ph.D students - Ms. Aline Carpentier and Koos Fransen;  3 officials of India Platform – Mr. Sandeep Kumar Shetty, Ms. Jolien Vanderbroek, Prof. Jakob De Roover and an industrialist, Mr. Willem Derde, all from different parts of Europe, visited our Institution for interaction with faculty members of our Institution with common areas of Interest. In a day long programme, presentations were made and discussions were carried out with regard to possible collaborations such as Internship for European students in our Institution and vice versa, post doctoral fellowship opportunities in Europe for our faculty members, and short- term visits by our faculty members to Europe and vice versa for research interaction. For the interaction, our Institution was represented by Dr.Niranjan N. Chiplunkar, Dr. I.R.Mithanthaya, Dr. Shrinivas Rao B R, Dr. Sudesh Bekal, Dr. Vidya S M, Dr. Ujwal P., Dr. Radhakrishnan K., Dr. D.K. Shrikanth, Dr. Sarojadevi, Dr. Balasubramani, Dr. D.M. Chethan, Dr. Shashikanth Karinka, Mr. Shridhar T N, Mrs. Thangamani and Mr. Manjunath M.

Internship Programme at NMAMIT -  February 2016

An undergraduate student, Mr. Toon Daims, from Karel Grote University, Antwerp, did his internship for 2 months at NMAMIT on Reduction of defects in casting at Lamina Foundries, Nitte.