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An economic and value addition approach

 The pulp and paper manufacturing industry is one of the largest consumers of wood today. Along with increasing world economic growth , a substantial increase in paper consumption is expected [4]. The environmental impact of paper is significant, which has led to changes in industry and behaviour at both business and personal levels. Paper is produced from the pulp obtained from trees. Residential, industries, commercial and institutions are the main sources of waste papers.

The production and use of papers has number of adverse effects on the environment which is collectively known as paper pollution. Paper mills contribute to air, water and land pollution. Discarded paper is a main component of many landfill sites, accounting to about 35% by weight of municipal solid waste. Even paper recycling can be a source of pollution due to sludge produced during de-inking.

 Objectives of the proposed work

i. Optimimiztion of cellulase production from Trichoderma sp. using waste paper.

ii. Downstream optimization of cellulase after fermentation iii. Market suitable stabilization and final product formulation

Name of students:    

1. Shruthi N Mallya          :   4NM14BT042

2.  Maneesha Shetty B.H  :  4NM14BT017

3.  Shravya B.V                  :   4NM14BT039

4. Madhushree                  :   4NM14BT016

Name of faculty incharge:   

Dr. Anil Kumar H. S

Associate Professor

Dept.of Biotechology Engineering