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"Micro-LABlet" is a microcontroller laboratory development kit designed and developed by department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 

 NMAMIT Nitte.  It is a single board solution for all the 8051 interfacing devices included in the engineering course.  Micro-LABlet includes 

all peripherals in a single board mitigating the problems of the existing 8051 kit.  It is a USB driven portable device, benefiting students to work

even after the regular laboratory hours.  Micro-LABlet incorporates features like :

1.   10 on-board peripherals (multiplexed)             

2.   Board size-6x3.5

3.   RS232 and USB communication

4.   Elimination of flat cables

5.   Simultaneous accessing of all ports


 Team members are:


    1.       Ms. Swathi Hatwar

    2.       Mr. Ravikiran Rao M


  1.       Mr. Harisharan

  2.       Ms. Raksha

  3.       Ms. Sneha

  4.       Ms. Swathi

  5.       Mr. Vasudeva