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In the ancient past, India as a nation of four Varna’s could manage to develop the tinkering ability in only a small portion of her inhabitant. That could be the reason for Indians are not being generally known to be tinkerers and may be the reason why we have not invented many things. Additionally, the education system that we have basically encourages scholastic achievement giving less importance to innovation in physical things. It is with this back drop, an attempt is required to be made in inculcating the ability to be innovative in the students. At NMAM Institute of Technology, the product development centre(PDC), which functions under Dean(R&D), intends to develop in its Students an ability to think and innovate, thereby providing a healthyRoofR diversion from their regular and routine studies, and stand them in good stead in their professional life ahead. The PDC mainly identifies the problem area in certain industry or of general interest, and a group of students from different departments are made to work under faculty group leaders drawn from again different departments. The long term goal of the centre is to develop products of our own design to marketable quality, obtain IPR and support the products in our incubation centre for marketing. To ‘catch them young’, the students of 2nd and 3rd year engineering are chosen for the development of products.


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