The centre focuses  on  multi-core  and many-core  architecture based research on CPU and GPU based parallel  application development 
and optimizations.  This centre also focuses on use of machine learning on big  data  and  security a  nalysis  using parallel architectures, 
optimizing Neutral Networks on Computer Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) based GPUs.  This centre was started with an intention 
to provide a facility to carry out teaching and research work for the interested faculty members and students of NMAMIT. 
Several summer internships have been completed at CHPC.  It has been recognized as CUDA teaching centre since June 2012.  The centre
has an academic alliance with AMD, Intel etc.  The centre was established in the year 2011 with a funding of Rs.2.91 Lakhs from NVIDIA 

Pune.  The building space of the centre is 240 sq.ft.


The Thrust Areas of CHPC are:

  •   Parallel programming
  •   Parallel algorithms
  •   Compiler design and optimization
  •   Parallel Computer Architecture
  •  Multi-core  programming  and optimizations
  •  GPU       programming       and optimizations


The activities of CHPC are:

  • Special training for the students during summer apart from elective courses
  • Encourage students to   take-up  research oriented projects
  •  Motivating students for higher education in this area and to apply for internships and jobs in various HPC industries


CHPC has the following facilities:

  • Five Intel(R) Core i7-2600 CPU @  3.40  GHz  Computers  with  NVIDIA GTX470 cards

    Three servers

  •  CISC  Server:  HPML150GServer HP
  •  Power-RISC Model: IBM: Server 1:9110 Model 51A IBM power
  •  X-86  CISC  Quad  core Processor: HP Z600 workstation Base Unit  (Intel Xeon E5520 2.26 8MB/ 1066 QC CPU-1), with Monitor

   All  the  associated  software packages

Students Participating in HiPC-2011


The achievements of CHPC in general are:

  •  Successful completion of several summer internships
  •  Faculty   and   students   have presented and published their work in various international conferences and journals
  •   Recognized Computer Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) teaching centre since June, 2012.
  •  Have an academic alliance with AMD, Intel etc.

NMAMIT-CHPC students with Prof.  Sadayappan from Ohio State University


CHPC has won the following awards:

 1. Best Paper Award

For the paper entitled “Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Implementation Methodology of AERMOD model”, Best paper prize was awarded at 2nd International  Conference on Recent Advances in  Sciences and Engineering-ICRASE- 2013 held during 29-30th April, 2013, organized by Association of Scholars  and Professional-ASP at Hyderabad, India.

 2. Citation from NVIDIA

Received citation from NVIDIA Executive for Best NVIDIA University Relations Coordinator.

3. CUDA Teaching Centre


Since June 2012 Computer Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) teaching centre is recognized as teaching centre by NVIDIA (India).


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