Grand Naine bananas are cultivars of Musa acuminata. It is one of the most commonly cultivated bananas and a source of commercial (Cavendish) banana. Its characteristic medium height and large fruit yields make it ideal for commercial agriculture. The moderate height allows easy harvesting and some resistance to wind throw.  G9 can be produced in large numbers through tissue culture with high yield and disease resistance. The Department of Biotechnology is aiming at producing and distributing tissue cultured plants to the rural marginal SC/ST farmers and other farmers of weaker sections in Udupi District of Karnataka for the economic empowerment of the farmers. The project is funded by DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi.


The selection of plant was  done based on high yield, disease free, pest free and superior character of the plant.

  •  In-vitro production of banana plants was carried out.   About    20,000  banana  tissue  culture plantlets were produced.
  • Training  on  tissue  culture techniques    and     hardening technique were given to selected women of Udupi district.
  • Tissue cultured banana plantlets were distributed to farmers of Udupi district and demonstration of cultivation practices was given.

About 20,000 saplings produced by micro-propagation method were distributed among 150 rural marginal farmers. The infrastructure facilities created through the project have facilitated the registration of a student for the Ph.D programme.


Distribution & Demonstration of  tissue cultured banana plantlets 

                                                                              for farmers & banana  yield in tissue cultured platlet