In this centre, research is carried out in the area of high speed machining studies, tool wear measurement and evaluation, vibration data acquisitions and 
surface  roughness  evaluation. This  centre  was established in the year 2013 with funding of Rs. 17.4 Lakhs from AICTE under Research Promotion 
Scheme and  Rs. 0.15  Lakhs  from  IE (I)  under  Grant  for R&D.  During  the academic  year  2017-18, DRDO  sponsored  3-days  National 
Conference on ‘Machining of Difficult to Machine Materials: Recent Developments, Issues and Solutions' was organized. The building space of the
centre is 256 sq. ft.

 Thrust Areas -

  • Surface roughness investigation in Titanium based alloys using vibration and its modelling.
  • Surface roughness inspection using computer vision system and use of wavelet transform for image processing.
  • Surface roughness evaluation and optimization in biodegradable magnesium alloys (ongoing).
  • Machinability studies on Shape Memory Alloys (proposed).