The centre works in areas of   tool condition monitoring, vibration based condition monitoring, artificial neural network based modeling, use of wavelet transform for signal processing, surface roughness investigation in high speed machining and modeling studies, modeling of IC Engine performance and emission parameters using Artificial Intelligence techniques.



The areas of research are:

i)     Condition monitoring of rolling element bearings using vibration signals

ii)    Condition monitoring of gears using vibration signals

iii)   Surface roughness investigation in Titanium based alloys using vibration and its modeling.

iv)   Surface roughness inspection using computer vision system and use of wavelet transform for image processing (Proposed)

Applicable Industry Sectors:

  • Industries   using   condition monitoring, bearing and gear manufacturers
  • Ti  based  alloys  users  and manufacturers.


The laboratory facilities are depicted below:

Condition Monitoring Laboratory

  •  VIBSCANNER VIB 5.400 - Single channel vibrometer with FFT analyzer
  •  NI-DAQ System
  •  KD37V Accelerometer


Experimental test rig and V ib ration  measurement            Surface Metrology and Measurements lab - Machning experiments


Some of the sample test results  are given below:


Artificially seeded faults in inner  race,ball & outer race