In the present time, research has become integral part of any Institution of higher studies. What is happening in Universities in the advanced countries will have to happen in Indian Institutions. NMAMIT has been earnest in its attempt at infusing research, culture in its campus. With the induction about 20% Ph.D qualified teachers, execution of sponsored project to the tune of 20 million rupees, starting of paid full time Ph.D with stipend programme etc, NMAMIT is moving forward in the right direction. The starting of Research & Innovation Centre (RIC) is a fresh attempt by NMAMIT, to work on cutting edge research. Built with 6000 square feet area, it is expected to house all major research labs of the institution. Already a research laboratory for conducting research on advanced micromachining system to has been established. Now plans are afoot to establish a research laboratory to work on SIC and GAN semi conductor devices for power applications. The first floor of RIC is powered by Solar Smart Grid System with the application like Air Conditioning, lighting and fan using DC.