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Year of Inception : 2017 – 2018
Principal: Dr. Niranjan N Chiplunkar
Centre Head : Mr. Shashank Shetty, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE
Centre Student Head for the year 2017-18 : Mr. Manjunatha U. , Final Year B.E, CSE

Vision - To create dynamic and exciting campus, life environment that builds community, introduces students to new technical experiences as well as challenges and supports students to become active global citizens.

Mission - - To encourage students to execute their innovative ideas through various technical clubs, by creating an ecosystem which will be functional round the clock and managed fully by students under the mentorship of both internal and external resource persons.

INVITED TALK ON “INNOVATION” by Dr. Sudheendra Kaushik, Chief Innovator & Co-Founder at PRASU, Professional Innovator and Coach (EXECOM MEMBER, IEEE) was conducted by Centre For Student Innovation (CFSI) in association with NMAMIT IEEE Student Chapter on 08-04-2017.


Aero Club is a technical club started by interested students in the year 2011 – 2012, to pursue their ideas in the field of aero modeling and related areas. Mr. Divin Bharadwaj, was the student team leader during the first two years of its inception. The Faculty coordinator of the club is Dr. Gururaj Upadhyaya and the club is successfully organizing its activities for the 6th consecutive year now under the leader ship of Student coordinators Mr. Chetan B. Gavadi and Deeksha L. in this academic year (2017-18).

Year of Inception : 2012 – 2013

Faculty coordinator : Mr. Gururaj Upadhyaya, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mech

Faculty coordinator : Mr. Gururaj Upadhyaya, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mech

Student coordinators for the year 2016-17 :Mr. Rathan Prabhu and Mr. Gautham Naik

Student coordinators for the year 2017-18 :Mr. Chethan B Gavadi and Ms. Deeksha L

Major Activities

    • Within NMAMIT
    • Organizing Workshops on Basic Aero modeling, Building of Remote Controlled (R. C) Aircrafts, Conducting Aero Exhibitions and Air shows, Conducting Star Gazing programmes, Conducting R. C Aircraft flying competitions (Aeromania), Assisting student projects in the areas of R. C Aircrafts and drones, Presentation of technical papers related to the projects undertaken with the assistance of aero club.

    • Outside NMAMIT

    Participation in national and local R. C. Aircraft flying completions (such as Boeing IIT national aero modeling competition)

    Major sponsors and funding for activities and projects
    • NMAMIT, Nitte : Rs 50,000 annually
    • ICT Skill Development of Society (ICTSDS) : Rs 3,00,000
    • Syndicate Bank, Nitte : Rs 25,000
    • Mr. Ramananda Prabhu, Bangalore : Rs 25,000
    • Mr. Divin Bharadwaj and Mr. M. M. Bhat : Rs. 10,000 each
    • India Hobby center, Kolkata

    Net worth (approximate value) of components inventory in aero club : Rs. 1,50,000

    Major student projects undertaken
    • Design and fabrication of Hexarotor (2013-14)
    • Automated Stabilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (2015-16) –
    • Mini project
    • GPS Automated Quadcopter with Facial Recognition Camera (2015-16)
    • Unmanned aerial navigator, terrestrial investigator and surveillance (2016-17)
    • Solar powered radio controlled plane (2016- 17)

    High altitude aeronautical platform station (ICTSDS funded, ongoing)

    Major Achievements

    Karthik B Rao, Rathan Prabhu, and Prabhat Kumar Pathak of final year Mechanical Engineering, and members of core committee, Aero Club, NMAMIT, Nitte participated in the prestigious Boeing IIT National Aeromodelling Competition held in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur on 25 an 26 March 2017. Mr. Karthik B Rao, secured 2nd position in Remote Control (RC) aircraft Competition and qualified into finals as one among top 12 best pilots in the entire nation. With this Mr. Karthik B Rao and his team has qualified for the finals to be held in IIT Delhi on 20th April 2017.

    Most of the teams that have participated in prestigious national aeromodeling competitions held at IIT, Chennai, IIT Mumbai and IIT Kharagpur achieved places within top 30

    Gautham D. Naik and his team won 2nd prize for their paper on UMANTIS during IENITTE paper presentation competition in March 2017 at NMAMIT, Nitte.

    Shreesha, Harshitha, Keerthi under the captaincy of Karthik B Rao secured 2nd Place And Deeksha, Nikitha, Vivek under captaincy of Prabhat Kumar Pathak secured 3rd place in AIR-PURSUIT ( RC aeromodeling and Flying competition), held at Sri Devi Institute of Technology,Mangalore on 22nd and 23rd of February 2017.

    Shreesha and Harshitha won 2nd place in technical paper presentation organised by Aeronautical department, Sri Devi Institute of Technology,Mangalore on 22nd and 23rd of February 2017.

    Mr. Divin Bharadwaj won 2nd place in technical paper presentation organised during Technidarshan 2014, organized at NMAMIT, Nitte.


    Year of Inception : 2012 – 2013
    Faculty coordinator : Mr. Sharath Chandra, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mech
    Student coordinators for the year 2016-17 : Mr. Jithesh Shetty
    Student coordinators for the year 2017-18 : Mr. Akshay

    Vision - To become the centre of excellence in the field of robotics and automation which can develop the knowledge students to work on multi disciplinary projects thereby helping in the community development.

    Mission- A group of Robotics and Automation which aims in designing and developing the products that are of the interest for the community or having commercial values by imparting quality training programmes, conducting workshops and competitions.

    Various Projects

    • COCONUT TREE CLIMBER AND PLUCKER ROBOT’ project was sponsored by KSCST and received runners up award during Project EXPRO 2015.
    • A Best paper Award has been received for the project paper entitled ‘COCONUT TREE CLIMBER AND PLUCKER ROBOT’ which was presented at a National Conference ‘JNANASANGAMA’ organised by VCET, Puttur during May, 2015.

    Internet Of Things (IOT) Club

    Year of Inception : 2015 – 2016

    Faculty coordinator : Dr. D K Sreekantha, Professor, Dept. of CSE

    Student coordinators for the year 2016-18 : Mr. Shrawan Thapa, Mr. Pradeep B , Mr. Harshith and Mr. Rajath Bhat

    Vision - Pursuing Excellence in IOT technologies and applications by Empowering students and staff to develop feasible solutions for the Community

    Mission - To develop NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, as a Center of Excellence for IOT by imparting Quality Education and training to generate Competent, Skilled and Humane Manpower to face emerging global IOT trends with Credibility, Integrity, Ethics and Social Concern.

    IOT Day Celebrations on 10th April 2017

    Student Achievements

    IOT Projects Domains
    • Agriculture Crop Monitoring and Control
      • Home Automation
        • Smart Traffic Management
          • Smart Excavator
            • Smart Lamp for Blind People
              • Smart Bin - Waste Management
                • Agri Assistant - for crop Advises
                  • Water Management

                  SAE- BAJA (TEAM NITTE RACING)

                  Year of Inception : 2013 – 2014

                  Faculty coordinator : Mr. Mohan Poojari

                  Student coordinators for the year 2016-17 : Mr. Kshithij, Mr. Karan

                  • Team Nitte Racing is the off- road racing team of NMAMIT.
                  • Every year the team designs and fabricates an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to participate in the SAE Baja, an off-road competition held in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
                  • The team comprises of 25 students from the department of Mechanical Engineering.
                  • Students use their skills in various sub-systems such as:
                    1. Suspension
                    2. Steering
                    3. Brakes
                    4. Transmission
                    5. hassis and Fabrication
                  • Till date the team has built 3 ATVs.

                  • Student Achievements
                    • The team has participated thrice in BAJA SAE-India in the years 2014, 2015 and 2017 held in Indore.
                    • TNR has also participated in Mega ATV Championship in the year 2016 and 2017 held in Ahmednagar.
                    • Current year the team participated in SAE BAJA in the month of February. A group of 20 students had participated.
                    • A group of 12 students had participated in Mega ATV Championship in Ahmednagar in the month of March 2017.

                    FINITE LOOP CLUB

                    Year of Inception : 2016 – 2017

                    Faculty coordinators : Mr. Krishna Prasad Rao, Mr. Shashank Shetty, Mr. Punith R P, Mr. Anantha Murthy

                    Vision – This coding club aims at Realizing idea, Inspire the next and scale up to startup.

                    Mission - To give a good perspective of software development and encourage the students of NMAMIT to realize the ideas through coding, Encouraging competitive programming participation and Inspiring the next, Taking up real time projects and scaling this club to a startup

                    Major real time Projects Completed
                    • “E-Pariksha: Exam Management System and online exam duty allocation", A web portal which is being used as the standard software for NMAMIT exam duty management.
                    • “Event Management System” , A web portal which is used as the standard software for Seminar Hall booking, RE logistics booking and venue booking at NMAMIT.
                    • “Attendance management web portal for Nitte Degree college”, A web portal for attendance management of the nitte degree students.
                    • “Canara Retired Bank Association Website”, A website for Mangalore retired canara bank employee association.
                    • “E-Mappan", A web portal which is being used as the standard software for NMAMIT supplementary registration.
                    Major real time Projects Undertaken/Ongoing:
                    • Semaphore Online web portal for MCA Department, NMAMIT
                    • Remuneration Management System for NMAMIT
                    • Course Attainment System for MCA Department, NMAMIT
                    • Attendance management app for NMAMIT
                    Major Events Conducted
                    • Two days workshop on “Introduction to Web Designing” on 16th and 17th September 2017.
                    • Two days workshop on “Two day Workshop on Backend Development using PHP” on 16th and 17th September 2017.
                    • Two days workshop on “Basics of Android App Development” on 28th and 29th October 2017.
                    • Screening Test on Programming on 12th January 2018.
                    • Two days workshop on “Hands on Session on Devops” on 24th and 25th February 2018.