Sl.No.Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyGrant ReceivedDateDurationStatusPrincipal InvestigatorDepartment
1Wide Band Gap Power Electronics Technologies (WBGPET)KCTU60,00,000(23.179+36.821)27/11/2018 3 YearsOn goingDr. Nagesh Prabhu Co-PI- Dr. Suryanarayana K EEE
2Gallium Nitride(GaN) based Multiphase Solar Battery ChargerVGSTRs. 5,00,00027/08/2018 1 YearOn goingMs. Swathi HatwarEEE
3Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles and its application in detection of heavy metal in water samples and effluentsVGSTRs.5,00,00024/08/20182 YearsOn goingMs. Sneha Nayak.BTE
4To develop adjunct anti-venom therapy for snake venom from the pharmaceuticals obtained from Coix lacrymajobi root extractBIRAC, CRSDBTRs.48,9700014/05/201818 MonthsOn goingDr. Vaman RaoBTE
5Redesign and development of multipurpose power tiller for crop production- Special reference to paddyUniversity of Agriculture and Horticultural Research station, BrahmavaraRs.10,00,00018/01/20181 YearOn goingDr. D K Shreekantha, Dr. Shashikantha CSE & ME
6Centre of innovation for studies on Automatic Natural Language Processing and Speech Disorder Problems in Kannada language.VGSTRs.20,00,000 Lakhs(38.64+38.64)27/11/20172 YearsOn goingDr. Surendra ShettyMCA
7Development Of Novel Metal Doped Semi(onductor Thin Films With High Opti(al Nonlinearities To Protect Eye And Sensors VGST Rs. 5,00,000 27/11/20171 YearOn goingDr. Manjunatha KBPhysics
8Modernization of Down Stream Processing Lab (MODROBS)AICTE, New Delhi Rs.14,92,000 24/10/20172 YearsOn goingDr. Vaman Rao.BTE
9Images Enhancement Techniques on Remotely Sensed Satellite Data using Mamdani and Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System.AICTE, New Delhi (RPS) Rs.4,35,294 20/8/20173 yearsOn goingDr. Veena DeviECE
10Design And Development of Mini Hydraulic Drive System for Robotic ApplicationsAICTE, New Delhi (RPS) Rs.10,17,647 4/08/20173 YearsOn goingDr. MuralidharaME
11Tool Based Micromachining Research.Management & KCTU, Bangalore Rs.77,28,000 Lakhs(38.64 +38.64) 219/07/20172 YearsOn goingDr. Muralidhara- PIME
12Machinebility studies in niti shape memory alloys.ManagementRs.5,00,000 28/06/20173 YearsOn goingDr. Srinivasa Pai P – PI, Mr. Grynel D’Mello– Co-PI ME
13Study and to develop cost effective and green masonry block using industrial waste Materials ManagementRs.4,95,000 28/06/20173 YearsOn goingDr. I. R Mithanthaya -PIME
14Design and development of piezoactuator based inchworm drive with macro displacement range and submicrometer positioning accuracy. ManagementRs.15,00,000 28/06/20173 YearsOn goingDr. Muralidhara- PI ME
15Design and development of 1kw single phase inverter using cascaded bidirectional converters ManagementRs.9,50,000 28/06/20173 YearsOn goingMr. Suryanarayan K- PI EEE
16Ultra wideband microstrip patch antenna for wireless communication ManagementRs.19,00,000 28/06/20173 YearsOn goingDr. Ashish Singh- PI ECE
17Strength prediction of alkali activated slag concrete mixes by accelerated testing ManagementRs. 8,53,000 28/06/20173 YearsOn goingDr. Ramesh Bhat- PI
Mr. Vinayaka B Shet– Co-PI
Chemistry & BTE
18Strength prediction of alkali activated slag concrete mixes by accelerated testingManagementRs. 8,53,000 28/06/20173 YearsOn goingMr. Mithun B M - PI
Dr. Udaya Kumar G– Co-PI
Dr. Srinath Shetty– Co-PI
Dr. Udaya Kumar G– Co-PI
Dr. Srinath Shetty– Co-PI
19Development of Automatic System for Analysis and Detection of Puberphonia Speech Disorder Using Deep Neural Networks. Nitte University Rs.1,70,000 20172 YearsOn goingMs. Sarika HegdeCSE
20Technology Based Development of Nitte Mother and Newborn Cohort.Nitte University Rs.1,06,000 20172 YearsOn goingDr. Mohan HegdeMCA
21Development of Patient Lift System for Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital, Deralakatte, Mangaluru.Nitte University Rs.16,000 20171 Year On goingMr. Melwyn Rajesh CastelinoME
22Development of Trainer StethoscopeNitte University Rs.15,000 20171 Year On goingDr. K S ShivaprakashECE
23CPR Training DeviceNitte University Rs.16,000 20171 Year On goingDr. Rekha BhandarkarECE
24Web Solutions for Event and Accommodation Management of different Venues in the Institute Entitled “ Event Management System”Nitte University Rs.15,000 20171 Year On goingMr.AnanthamurthyMCA
25Web solutions for Calculation of Exam Remuneration for Internal/External Examiners in the University Institute entitled “E-Remuneration”.Nitte University Rs.30,000 20171 Year On goingMr.AnanthamurthyMCA
26“Web solutions and mobile apps development for community health departments and satellite primary health centres of KSHRC”Nitte University Rs.30,000 28/06/20171 Year On goingDr. D K Sreekantha
27Expert System design and mobile apps development for prediction of difficulties in airway passing in ICU and operation theatreNitte University Rs.1,80,000 28/06/20173 Years On goingDr. D K Sreekantha
Dr. Sripada G Mehendale (KSHEMA)
28Design and Development of Voltage Drive for Piezo- Hydraulic Pump with Active ValvesTEQIP Phase-II Rs. 80,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. MuralidharME
29‘The Connected Farm’ Smart Crop Monitoring and Control Using IOT 2016-17.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 80,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. D.K.SreekanthaCSE
30‘Refurbishing thin film Laboratory.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 80,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. ShivakumarCSE
31‘Development of Alluminium Doped Cadmium Sulfide Thin Film for Solar Cell Applications.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 75,000 20161 Year CompletedMr. RaghavendraBairyPhysics
32Surface Roughness Optimization During High Speed Machining of Biodegradable Magnesium.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 1,05,330 20161 Year CompletedDr. Srinivasa Pai P.ME
33Automatic Question Paper Generator And Distributor.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 80,000 20161 Year CompletedMr. Sudeepa K BCSE
34Microwave AssistedTEQIP Phase-IIRs. 70,000 20161 Year CompletedMr. Vinayaka B.ShetBT
35All Optical Nonlinear Characteristics of Novel Materials for Optical Power Limiting Applications.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 80,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. Manjunatha K.BPhysics
36Smart Campus Management System.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 80,000 20161 Year CompletedMr. Naveen D ChandavarkarK.BCSE
37Production of Nano Stuctured Zn-NI Alloy Coatings for Industrial ApplicationsTEQIP Phase-IIRs. 70,000 20161 Year CompletedMr. Ramesh BhatChemistry
38Embedded System Design for Position Control Dual Actuated System.TEQIP Phase-II.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 70,000 20161 Year CompletedMrs. Prabha NiranjanE&C
39Studies on Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Techniques in Speech Recognition and Speech Disorders problems for Kannada Language SpeakersTEQIP Phase-IIRs. 75,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. Surendra ShettyMCA
40Design of a Tool for Traffic Data.TEQIP Phase-IIRs. 78,000 20161 Year CompletedMs. Ashwini BISE
41Investigation on the Role of L. Rhamnosus Exopolysaccharide on Biofilm Formation and Is Radioprotective Application.TEQIP Phase-IIRs.1,10,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. Vidya S MBT
42Optimal Enhancement of Network Lifetime by Using Energy Efficient Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks.TEQIP Phase-IIRs.70,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. K.V.S.S.S.S.SairamE&C
43Investigation on Genome Wide Analysis of Protein Repeats in Pichia Pastoris.TEQIP Phase-IIRs.57,000 20161 Year CompletedDr. Bharath B.RBT
44Design and Fabrication of a Multiple Biodiesel Seed DecorticatorNID AhmadabadRs.1,02,500 26/03/20151 Year CompletedDr. Shashikanth KarinkaME
45Design Fabrication and Testing of Microump Manufactured using Tool Based Micromachining Process for Drug Delivery SystemVGSTRs. 30,000 28/02/20 156 Month CompletedDr. MuralidharME
46Nio nanophosphors: Microwave Synthesis, Mircrostructure and PhotoluminesenceVGSTRs. 4,00,000 07/01/20151 Year CompletedDr. Aarti SChemistry
47Attenuation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence by dietary phytochemicals from vegetables as quorum sensing inhibitorsMST ,New,DelhiRs.18,40,000 02/05/20143 Years On GoingDr.Vaman Rao CBT
48Investigation on the role of probiotic exopolysaccharides in the prevention of radiation induced injury.DAE New DelhiRs.22,13,750 17/04/20143 Years On GoingDr. Vidya SMBT
49Surface Roughnes Evaluation of Turned Surface using computer vision systemIE (India)Rs. 15,000 31/03/20141 Year CompletedDr.Srinivas Pai PME
50CSIR FellowshipCSIR,(New Delhi)Rs.2,36,000 20141 Year CompletedDr.Vaman Rao CBTE
51CSIR FellowshipCSIR,(New Delhi)Rs.2,36,000 20131 Year CompletedDr.Vaman Rao CBTE
52Biosynthesis of silver and gold Nano particles using santalum albumVGST,KarnatakaRs. 40,000 23/12/20131 Year CompletedDr.Vaman Rao CBTE
53Modelling and optimization of surface Roughness in Ti- based alloys using vibration monitoringAICTE,New DelhiRs.17,40,000 31/03/20133 Years CompletedDr. Srinivas Pai PME
54Production of bioethanol from underutilized lignocellulosic residuesVGST,KarnatakaRs.30,00,000 16/03/20133 Years CompletedDr.Vaman Rao CBTE
55To Promote low power embedded systemFICE,BangaloreRs.1,50,000 16th Dec.201324 months CompletedDr. Niranjan N.ChiplunkarCSE
56Production of bioethanol and pigments from glycerol-A by product of biodiesel by Rodotorula glutinisVGST,KarnatakaRs. 40,000 22/12/20121 Year CompletedDr.Vaman Rao CBTE
57Embedded control system design for position & tracking control of a prototype actuatorSERB,DST,New DelhiRs.16,14,000 20/09/20123 Years CompletedDr.MuralidharME
58Production & distribution of tissue culture plantlets of banana, Var Grand Naine for the economic empowerment of the rural marginal SC/ST farmers and weaker sections of Udupi District, KarnatakaDBTRs.23,01,200 30/3/20123 Years CompletedDr. Vidya SMBTE
59Bank Finance for Agro Business : A Case Study in Dakshina KannadaIIBF,MumbaiRs .1,50,000 02/01/20121 Year CompletedDr. G. V. JoshiMBA
60Study on the impact of the Project in Belthagady TalukSree Kshethrs Dhermasthala Rural Development Projects,DhermasthalaRs.90,000 16/06/20116 months CompletedDr. G. V. JoshiMBA
61An evaluation Study of Branchless Banking initiatives of Corporation BankCorporation Bank,BangaloreRs. 4,25,000 04/02/20111 Year CompletedProf. KarnikMBA
62Challenge of Financial inclusion in India. An Empirical Assessment Ministry of Finance,New DelhiRs. 1,50,000 11/01/20116 months CompletedProf. KarnikMBA
63Expanding Financial inclusion in the North – Eastern StatesMinistry of Finance,New DelhiRs.2,00,000 11/01/20116 months CompletedProf. KarnikMBA
64Bio Fuel ResearchKSBDB,Govt of KarnatakaRs. 7,90,000 2011 CompletedDr.Vaman RaoBT
65Bio Fuel ResearchKSBDB,Govt of KarnatakaRs.10,50,000 2011 CompletedDr.Vaman RaoBT
66Investigation on machining depth control in microelectrodischarge machining Process using 3 D Process simulationVTU,KarnatakaRs.12,40,000 10/12/2010 2 Years CompletedDr. MuralidharME
67A Study on Antivenin Property of Root Extract of Coix lachrymajobi for the Treatment of Indian Poisonous Snakes VenomsDBT New DelhiRs.4,81,000 01/12/2010 1 Year CompletedDr.Vaman RaoBTE
68In vivo studies on + and synergistic radioprotective effect of stem bark extracts of ficus racemosa, madhuca indica and pterocarpus marsupium based on ethno medical knowledge to cancer treatmentDBT New DelhiRs.16,16,250 28/05/2010 3 Years CompletedDr. Vidya SMBTE
69Gender Subplan PreparationUdupi Zilla PanchayatRs. 30,000 09/12/2009 6 months CompletedDr. M SMoodithayaMBA
70Software architecture and program model to enhance the performance of application on multi core platformMinistry of Science & TechnologyRs.15,98,000 09/12/2009 3 years CompletedDr. N ChiplunkarCSE
71Financial Inclusion and beyond Issues and ChallengesIndian Council of Social Science Research, New DelhiRs.4,94,500 19/02/2009 15 months CompletedDr. M S MoodithayaMBA
72Study and design of algorithms for VLSICAD tool development towards applications involving mutually exclusive modulesAICTE New DelhiRs. 4,60,000 30/10/2008 2 Years CompletedDr. N ChiplunkarCSE
73Research Projects on Financial Inclusion & Beyond: Issues and ChallengesSir Ratan TATA Trust,New DelhiRs.4,90,000 2008 2 Years MBA
74Defect Charactierization in antifrictionbearing using vibration signal analysis for condition monitoringVTU BelgaumRs.6,50,000 3/10/2008 4 Years Completed Dr. Srinivas Pai P/Dr. N.S.Sriram MBA
75Growth of Optical Crystals, nano crystals, crystals on polymer as substrate for various optical applicationsVTU BelgaumRs.3,75,000 3rd October 2008 3 Years Completed Dr. Sharada G. Prabhu Physics
76Housing Finance in India – A study of cross country experiencesIIBF, MumbaiRs.1,50,000 April 17,2008 1 Year Completed Dr. M.S. Moodithaya MBA
77Rural Self Employment Program in India: An AppraisalICSSR,New DelhiRs.2,00,000 February 2004 1 Year Completed Dr. M.S. Moodithaya MBA
78Micro Finance & Rural Employment : An appraisal of the potentialitiesNABAR D,MumbaiRs.1,00,000 July 23,2003 1 Year Completed Dr. M.S. Moodithaya MBA

Total Grant Received : Rs. 5,37,95,245

Grants received for Projects Completed : Rs. 2,84,11,715

Grants received for Projects Ongoing : Rs. 2,53,83,530

Ongoing project : 27

Completed project : 51