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Abhyuday, Counselling, Welfare, Training & Placement Activities in NMAMIT


Abhyuday, the department of Counselling, Welfare, Training & Placement originated with Student Counselling services 28 years ago in 1990. After a five year study of the origin of student problems, NMAMIT began working on creating a healthy atmosphere on campus by several path breaking programmes for their well being & progress. Several training programmes to enhance employability of students also emerged.

Abhyuday has a VISION of seeing an NMAMITian as a happy, healthy, articulate, enthusiastic person who is socially & ecologically conscious, ethically upright, a team player, technically competent, eminently employable and a universal citizen. All of Abhyuday’s strivings and practices lead there.

nitte Campus recruitment through the years

Employment opportunities through Campus recruitments at NMAMIT (situated in a rural setting), began painstakingly, in 1994, with Kirloskar Snydergeneral as the first company to visit campus, recruiting two students. Wipro selected two in 1995. By 2000-01, over 150 students were selected for jobs on campus. The year 2004-05 saw more than 248 students getting selected with 100% placement for Civil engineering students. Trends kept changing.

In 2009-10, 37 companies recruited 314 on campus; in 2010-11, 64 companies recruited 593 students. In 2011-12, 774 students were selected by 45 companies. Several of our students in 2011-12, had the good fortune of two or more campus offers. 447 students were selected by 61 companies in 2012-13; 49 companies recruited 440 students in 2013-14; 577 students were selected by 66 companies in 2014-15; 81 companies recruited 664 students in 2015-16; 784 selections were made in 2016-17.71 companies recruited 660 students in 2017-18. Placements for the 2018-19 batch is going on with 537 selections and 37 internships offered by 47 companies from August 2018. Placements continue till students graduate in July 2019. Students not successful in placements, are assisted for a year after graduation, through ‘off campus’ initiatives/ referrals and pool drives. NMAMIT has an impressive placement record of over 80 well-known companies assisting in placements, annually.

Over 150 companies assist us by providing industrial exposure/internship to our students. 5 - 10% of our students pursue higher studies in the country or outside, preparing for it while on campus.


Campus’ selected students of 2018-19 batch till January 8, 2019

Campus Recruitment Policy

Abhyuday follows a policy of permitting only those students who have very good academic scores to go for a ‘Dream’ or ‘Core’ option once placed in a service based company that recruits people in large numbers. This is shared with students as they enter the campus as freshmen. Many choose to make consistent efforts to achieve academic proficiency. A student with 8.25 CGPA, selected by a large recruiter is permitted to apply for a ‘Dream’/ ‘Core’ company and once selected by a core company, he foregoes the previous offer and remains with the Dream company. While this has been a rule, in 2016, keeping with the times, we made amendments, to include very prestigious brands as ‘Super Dream’. A student selected by a Dream Company becomes eligible for a ‘Super Dream’ company if he clears a series of tests and interviews in college.

The recruiting companies’ feedback about our students has been good. Consistently pragmatic, professional and ethical stand of the department ensures a positive image for the college. The department works to sustain a meaningful, synergistic, long standing relationship with helping organizations, well wishers & visiting companies.


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Students, a MAJOR Resource

The department considers the students a major, unfailing, reliable resource. It promotes volunteering in students by giving them opportunities to reach out to help others in need. The students develop compassion, competence & leadership. The ‘receivers’ become ‘givers’ eventually. Several avenues for personal growth are provided to students to work with juniors/peers who need guidance & assistance, formally or informally; through training in orientation programme for freshers; being ‘Pride of NMAMIT’ where class toppers help the first year students with suggestions and guidance; through Peer assistance – clarification of doubts in difficult subjects/ teaching them the fundamentals of a subject; through structured classes in C programming, Data structures; by being a ‘buddy’ whenever a need arises; and through a guided programme, ‘Crack the Campus’, an endeavour of bright, ‘giving’ senior students to introduce all pre final years to aptitude tests & the processes of campus selections. ‘Pride Abhyuday’ has begun in 2017 where students selected by Super Dream companies, oriented interested juniors to dynamic programming from first year upwards.



Training for FOP Volunteering


Peer Teaching

Several clubs have been formed by igniting the initiative of students; helping them structure and run it while guiding them to ensure that it serves the purpose it comes into existence with, e.g. Kalanjali, the Dance club; ClicZ, the Photography club; Aura & Hands of Hope, the reaching out to the needy club; Grey matter, the Quiz club; Thorana, the Event management club; Stereo Club for Music; Taaleem, the Theatre club, Annadana for hunger free India and Rachna, the Art club. SACA, a soft skills & Communication Association run by students to help peers, juniors & seniors is very popular in building confidence in students; Yuj for Life, active from 2015, was founded by Shreeha Govind- mechanical Engineering whose leadership is imprinted on the juniors who have taken over. The team has been working in the hostels and college to improve the ‘well being’ factor in students, to improve concentration, deal competently with stress, dysmennhorhea, asthma etc.

Authorcraft, the Creative writers club came into existence in February 2018 under the Abhyuday banner with Shrawan Thapa (ECE) as the founder President. This semester the team has been engaging in creative pursuits on a weekly basis (Saturday afternoons) with events like ‘What would you do?’ ‘Open Mic’; ‘Blossoms’, ‘Wits for scripts’, slam poetry, Stand -up comedy etc.

A short Kannada film 'Kalachakra' won the second place at the NITK short films contest in 2018 and it had the three clubs - ClicZ, Isiri and Taaleem working together.

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Abhyuday focuses on ensuring the participation of the first year students in all its initiatives so that they do something meaningful besides studies. This is especially important because most of the students give up creative/ recreational pursuits during their pre university days.

Abhyuday initiated a Primary preventive programme- Mission Prerana for Change as a Value addition for all the Physics cycle first year students in 2013. It was held every Wednesday afternoon for 150 mts in the open air auditorium - Sadananda, with a band of committed Prerana faculty & Volunteers who assist in facilitation of the planned syllabus for 500 students at a time in groups of 25. It aims to fulfil the vision of Abhyuday.


Mission Prerana for Change @ Induction was held for 875 first year students in the first fortnight of August 2018 with the active assistance of 15 trained faculty facilitators and 32 first year teachers. The programme was designed and executed by Prof. Shalini K. Sharma, head, counselling, welfare, training & placement, a mental health professional with 28 years of close professional association with adolescents in engineering schools.

Mission Prerana @Induction’ Syllabus was as follows:

Vision and Mission of Abhyuday; Employer Expectations; Critical thinking; Lateral/Creative Thinking; Logical Thinking, Professionalism; Effective study practices; Sleep & Learning; Stress; Higher studies & Career options after graduation; Inspirational Audios/ videos/Presentations; Eco preservation; Anger management; Inputs on why Nicotine, Alcohol, Cannabis & why need to be avoided despite temptations; Awareness on LGBTQIA; 90 minutes of activity based Gender sensitisation for boys; and a power packed Self defence session for girls; introduction to beneficial clubs on campus; address by campus selected students; introduction to the Indian Navy by an alumnus; Practical demonstrations on Super brain Yoga to enhance cognitive abilities; exposure to debates; concept of living in co operation, collaboration & harmony; appreciation of diversity; humanism which were participatory in nature.

Abhyuday shares it’s knowledge and experience with others through an Annual immersive Workshop

A four day’ workshop for teachers & administrators of Institutes of higher education, on ‘Understanding our adolescents, Suicide prevention and Introduction to Therapeutic Counselling’ is being held annually in July 2011, 2012, 2013, June 2014, July 2015, May 2016, 2017 and 2018 as a National and State level workshop with 50 participants.

The objective is to share our experience of developing a healthy campus atmosphere - attitude towards adolescents by understanding ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ adolescent behaviour; acquire basic counselling skills; identify & promptly refer those in need; manage various psychiatric disturbances in young people (with compassion, without stigma) and minimize problems in young people and facilitate maximize growth.

Abhyuday’s Activities enabling student growth and development

  • Individual / Group Counselling
  • Conscientizing students to the realities of life to be civilized citizens
  • Training students to be peer helpers
  • Spotting talent & encouraging leadership
  • Enabling growth in students by guided volunteering
  • Extra Coaching in English for needy students
  • Working with the under privileged to enhance self esteem
  • Identifying students needing remedial help with academics
  • Enabling peer/senior' teachers in Math, C programming, Data structures, CAD etc
  • Programmed senior’ assistance at an individual level for other problems
  • Creation of Student friendly Volunteers
  • Educating through internet/ intranet portals, FB pages on issues of relevance
  • Designing & Conducting training programmes that serve a ‘PREVENTIVE’ purpose
  • Activity based day long Orientation programme to provide anticipatory guidance & enable employability with the help of trained good samaritan student volunteers for BE freshers, lateral entry & M.Tech students
  • Preparation for corporate life through sessions on etiquette and ethics
  • Enabling industrial exposure to students
  • Enabling student mentorship by industries
  • Organizing training programs for students with the help of alumni, reputed companies, friends of NMAMIT
  • Communicating with employers, organizing pre-placement talks & recruitments on campus
  • Organizing Industry visits for students
  • Facilitating industrial training/ internship for students
  • Pooled campus drives to assist neighbour colleges
  • Facilitating interaction with alumni/ enabling alumni mentoring
  • Preparation for higher studies & the armed forces
  • Initiation/support of Student development activities & clubs
  • Working with industries to strengthen faculty’ competence
  • Faculty induction & development programmes
  • A semester long programme, ‘Mission Prerana for Change’ for first years to equip them for a fulfilling, productive professional life


Core Team Abhyuday

Branchwise Recruitment for the year 2018-19 as of date
Branch Total Number Recruited
Civil 04
Mechanical 24 (+82 for internship)
E&E 38 (+5 for internship)
E&C 152 (+6 for internship)
Computer Science 236(+8 for internship)
Information Science 82 (+1 for internship)
Biotechnology 01
MCA 54 (+3 for internship))
M.Tech. - CCT --
M.Tech. - VLSI (+1 for internship)
M.Tech. – CS 02 (+2 for internship)
M.Tech. – PE --
  M.Tech – SE --
  M.Tech - CNE 03
  MBA 109
Total 705(+108 for internship)

Branchwise Recruitment for the year 2017-18 as on 14th September 2018
Branch Total Number Recruited
Civil 19 (+2 Internship)
Mechanical 62
E&E 30
E&C 182 (+ 1 Internship)
Computer Science 268 ( + 3 internship)
Information Science 66 ( +1 internship)
Biotechnology 16
MCA 15 ( +3 internship)
M.Tech. - CCT --
M.Tech. – MECS --
M.Tech. - VLSI --
M.Tech. – DEC --
M.Tech. – CS 01
M.Tech. – PE 01
  M.Tech – SE --
  MBA 106
Total 766 (+10 Internship)

Branchwise Recruitment for the Year 2016-2017
Branch Total Number of Selections
Civil 30 (1 Internship)
Mechanical 99
E&E 47
E&C 251 (1 Internship)
Computer Science 260 (3 Internship)
Information Science 57
Biotechnology 17
MCA 15
M.Tech. - CCT 01
M.Tech. – MECS --
M.Tech. - VLSI 02
M.Tech. – DEC -
M.Tech. – CS 03
M.Tech. – CNE -
M.Tech. – Energy Sy. -
M.Tech. – PE 01
M.Tech – SSE 01
MBA 120
Total 904 + 5 Internship

Branchwise Recruitment for the Year 2015-2016
Branch Total Number Recruited
Civil 27
Mechanical 127
E&E 48
E&C 162
Computer Science 169
Information Science 44
Biotechnology 07
MCA 66
M.Tech. - CCT --
M.Tech. – MECS 02
M.Tech. - VLSI 02
M.Tech. – DEC 03
M.Tech. – CS 04
M.Tech. – CNE 01
M.Tech. – Energy Sy. -
M.Tech. - PE 02
Total 664

Branchwise Recruitment for the Year 2014-2015
Branch Total Number Recruited
Civil 17
Mechanical 96
E&E 38
E&C 140
Computer Science 132
Information Science 59
Biotechnology 15
MCA 55
M.Tech. - CCT --
M.Tech. – MECS 04
M.Tech. - VLSI 05
M.Tech. – DEC 10
M.Tech. – CS 04
M.Tech. – CNE -
M.Tech. – Energy Sy. 01
Total 576

Branch wise Recruitment for the Year 2013-2014
Branch Total Number Recruited
Civil 15
Mechanical 63
E&E 32
E&C 117
Computer Science 111
Information Science 46
Biotechnology 11
MCA 14
M.Tech. - CCT --
M.Tech. – MECS 04
M.Tech. - VLSI 10
M.Tech. – DEC 07
M.Tech. – CS 05
M.Tech. – CNE 05
Total 440

Corporates who have been assisting NMAMIT through recruitment over the Years
1 3I-Infotech
2 99 Games Online Private Limited
3 Aavishk
4 ABL Technologies
5 Accenture Services (P) Ltd.
6 Accord Software & Systems
8 Aditi Technologies
9 Agrocom Software Limited
10 Aissel Solutions
11 Akamai Technologies
12 Al Faris Equipment Rentals, Dubai
13 Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE
14 Allegion
15 Alpha 9 Marine Services
16 ALSTOM Projects India Limited
17 Alstom Transportation
18 Amada
19 Amazon
20 Amphisoft
21 Analytics Quotient
22 Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd.
23 Anthem Bioscience Private Limited
24 Apara Enterprise Solutions
25 Aptean India
26 Aptuit Informatics (Laurus Infosystems now)
27 Areva T&D
28 Aricent Technologies (Holding)
29 Artech Infosystems
30 AryaProgen Technologies & Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
31 Asea Brown Boveri
32 Autoliv
33 Aztec Software
34 BASF Limited, Mangalore
35 BFL Software
36 Bharati Shipyard
37 Bhat Metals
38 BHEL, Hyderabad
39 Biocon Limited
40 Bloomfresh Tech
41 BMM Ispat Limited
42 Bosch Limited
43 Broadcom
44 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions
45 Brillio
46 Byju's (The Learning App)
47 CADD Centre, Udupi
48 Cadence
49 CapGemini
50 Caritor (I) Private Limited
52 CDDS (Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination Society)
53 Celstream Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
54 Cerner Healthcare Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
55 Christopher Noronha Associates
56 Coppernicus ebikes
57 Concur Global Engineering Solutions
58 Cognizant Technologies
59 Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited (CCCL, Chennai)
60 Corporation Bank
61 Crompton Greaves Limited
62 Cypress Semiconductor
63 Evive Software Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
64 DE Control Systems
65 Deccanet Designs Limited
67 DELL Sonicwall Security
68 Denso Kirloskar Industries Limited
69 Digital Global Soft
70 DSL Software Limited
71 DSQ Software
73 EMC²
74 Emirates Techno Casting, LLC, Ajman, UAE
75 Enstin Labs Pvt. Ltd.
76 Essar Construction Company Limited
77 Essdee Infrastructure Limited
78 Estuate
79 EVRY India Private Limited
80 Exabit Solutions
81 Exeter India
82 Exito Media Concepts Pvt. Ltd
83 FACE Academy (R&D)
84 Federal Mogul
85 Fidelity Business Services
86 Flowserve
87 Future Techno Designs
88 Genisys Software
89 Global Delight Technologies
90 Global e-Soft Systems
91 Global Edge Soft
92 Greaves Cotton Limited
93 Growthbeats Technologies Private Limited
94 GSS InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.
95 HCL Infosystems, B’lore
96 Hexmoto
97 Hindustan Construction Co. (HCC)
98 Honeywell Solutions Lab Pvt. Ltd.
99 Honeywell, Bangalore
100 HP Global Soft Limited
101 HP Limited
102 Hughes Software
103 i2 Technologies
104 IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
106 ICICI, Infotech, Bangalore
107 ID Space
108 iflex Solutions
109 iGATE Technologies (now iGATE Patni)
110 IISc., Bangalore
111 IMS Health
112 Incture Technologies
113 Indian Navy
114 Indian Online Services Co.Ltd.
115 INDO-US MIM Tech. Pvt. Ltd.
116 Indyago
117 Indygosoft, Bangalore
118 Infineon Technologies
119 Informatica
120 Infosys Technologies (Infosys Limited now)
121 Ingersoll Rand Co. Limited
122 Intech DMLS
123 Intercope
124 Invenger Technologies
125 ITC
126 ITC Infotech
127 ITTI Limited
128 IWave Systems, Bangalore
129 IQ Software Services
130 Jataayu Software
131 JBM Kosi
132 JSW Steel Limited, Bellary
133 Juego Studio
134 Just Unfollow
135 Kalpataru Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTL)
136 Kambala Solutions
137 Karmic, Manipal
138 Kennametal
139 Khoday Contact Centre
140 Kilmist Infotech Private Limited
141 Kirloskar Snydergeneral
142 Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery
143 Klonec Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.
144 KMC Constructions Limited
145 KPIT
146 KPTCL, Karkala
147 Krisam Automation
148 Laurus Infosystems
149 Lamina Foundries
150 Loco (Pocket Aces)
151 L&T – ECC
152 L&T Embedded Systems
153 L&T IES
154 L&T Infotech
144 L&T Komatsu
156 L&T Valdel
157 Lamina Suspension Products Limited
158 Living Edge
159 LM Wind Power
160 Lotus Power Gear Limited
161 M/S. B.E. Billimoria & Company Limited
162 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
163 Mangalore Infotech
164 Manipal Digital Systems
165 Manipal Technologies
166 Manthan Semiconductors
167 Mascon Global
168 Masconit
169 Maventic
170 MCF, Mangalore
171 McAfee India Private Limited
172 Mercedes Benz
173 Medici Technologies
174 Microchip
175 Microland, Bangalore
176 Microsoft GTSC India
177 Microsoft India GTSC
178 MindTree
179 MindTeck
180 Misys Software Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
181 Miven Mayfran
182 Motor Industries Company Limited
183 MPhasis ADU
184 Mphasis, Mangalore
185 Mscripts
186 Multiplex
187 Multitech Software
188 Nandi Toyota
189 NeoBytes India
190 Netskope Software India Pvt. Ltd.
191 Next Novity
192 NGCN Info Solutions
193 Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd
194 Niveus Solutions Private Limited
195 Novigo Solutions Private Limited
196 Novellus Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
197 Nutanix Technologies
198 NXP India Private Limited
199 Odessa Technologies
200 Omnesys Technologies
201 Omics International Pvt. Ltd.
202 ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Ltd.
203 Oracle
204 Oracle Cloud Services
205 Oracle Global Service Delivery
206 Oracle India Software Limited
207 Paradigm Global Infoservices Ltd.,Chennai
207 Panacea Medical Technologies Private Limited
208 Parinama
209 Pathpartner Technology
210 Patni Computer systems
211 PEOL Technologies
212 Perot Systems
213 Persistent Systems
214 Petrocad Consultants
215 Phoenix Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
216 Pillar9
217 Pinaka Info Matix Ltd.
218 Pinnacle Media Center
219 PM Dimensions
220 Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd
221 Prakash Retail Private Limited
222 Pratham Constructions
223 PRDC
224 Prestige Construction
225 Pricewater House Cooper Private Limited
226 Prithvi Associates, Karkala
227 Prodigy Technovations
228 ProMAC India
229 Quest Global
230 Racked Hosting
231 Ramky Infrastructure
232 Redhat
233 Reliance Infocomm Limited
234 Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Pvt.Ltd.
235 Robert Bosch
236 Robosoft Technologies
237 Samsung Research India
238 Sankalp Semiconductor
239 SAP Labs India
240 Sasken Communication Technologies
241 Satyam
242 Schneider Electric
243 SCT Sungard
244 Seagate Technology HDD (India) Pvt. Ltd
245 Secon Surveys India Private Limited, Bangalore
246 Semnox Solutions
247 Seventh Sense
248 Shell MRPL Aviation
249 Siemens Information Systems (Siemens Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd. Now)
250 Siemens Limited
251 Skanray Technologies
253 SLK Software Services
254 SLV Construction
255 SmartDV
256 SMS Siemag
257 Software Specialist Inc.
259 Solutions Infini
260 Sonata Software
261 Sonus Network
262 Sony India
263 Sourcebits Technnologies
264 Span Infotech
265 Spectrum Casting Company Limited
266 Spectrum Infotech
267 Sterling & Wilson Limited
268 Storeking
269 Subex Limited
270 Sunplus Solutions
271 Suzlon Infrastructure Limited
272 Summit Technodyne
273 SYConE CPMC Pvt. Ltd.
274 Synergyind
276 Synconext
277 Tally Solutions
278 Tata Consultancy Services
279 Tata Elxsi Limited
280 Tayana Software
281 TCS Business Transformation Solutions Limited (Phenoix Global Solutions)
282 TD Power Systems
283 Teach for India
284 Tebma Shipyard
285 Tech. Mahindra (now Tech Mahindra & Mahindra Satyam)
286 Techjini
287 Techverve
288 Tek Systems Global Services Private Limited
289 Tega Industries
290 Telenetix, Manipal
291 TELES Computer Systems
293 The Steel Planet
294 Thinking Applications
295 Titan Industries, Hosur
296 Torry Harris Business Solutions
297 Toyota Kirloskar motor pvt ltd
298 Transweigh (India) Limited, Mumbai
299 Trekbin
300 Trescon Global Business Solutions Private Limited
301 Trianz
302 Tricon
303 Trigent Software
304 Triphase Technologies
305 Trivium
306 TTH
307 TVS Group
308 Udupi Power Corporation Limited (LANCO)
309 Unibild Engineering & Construction Co., Delhi
310 UNISYS Global Services India
311 URC Constructions
312 UST Global
313 Valeo India Private Limited
314 Vijaya Bank, Bangalore
315 VM Ware
316 VXL Instruments
317 Walmart Global Technology Services
318 Webhugh Technologies
319 Weldcraft Limited, B’lore
320 Winman Software
321 Wipro Global Infrastructure
322 Wipro Infotech
323 Wockhardt Limited
324 XL Health Corporation India Private Limited
325 YG Cutting Tools Corporation Private Limited
326 Y Media Labs
327 YG Cutting Tools
328 Zeta Infotech, Manipal
329 Zillion Information Systems

Contact Information:

Prof. Shalini K. Sharma, M.SW, M.Phil ( NIMHANS),

HoD, Department of Counselling, Student Welfare, Training & Placement,

NMAM Institute of Technology

Nitte – 574 110

Karkala Taluk,

Udupi District,

Karnataka, India

Tel: 08258 281240 (D)

08258 – 281263/64 Extn: 330


Mr. Bharath G. Kumar, M.B.A

Lead – Placements

NMAM Institute of Technology,

Nitte – 574 110

Karkala Taluk,

Udupi District,

Karnataka, India

Tel: 08258 281240 (D)

08258 281263/64 Extn: 330

Mobile:+91 9902414602