Report of Activities conducted during March 2018

Programmes Organized:
  • 1. Industrial Visit arranged to CPRI, Bengaluru - 1st March 2018
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    45 students of eighth semester B.E. (E&E Engg) assisted by two faculty members (Mr. Raghavendra Prabhu and Mrs. Latha Shenoy) visited Central Power Research Institute, Bengaluru on March 01, 2018. They visited Vibration Lab, Tower Testing Station, Power System Division, EHV substation to acquire knowledge on latest advances in high voltage transmission systems.

  • 2. Industrial visit to Varahi Hydel Power Plant, Hosangadi, Shimoga District - 1st March 2018
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    52 students of sixth semester B.E. (E&E Engg) visited Varahi Hydel Power Plant on March 01, 2018. The visit helped the students to understand the technology used in practical application in the process of power generation.

  • 3. Industrial Visit arranged by Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Student’s Chapter E&C – 2nd & 3rd March 2018.
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    “INDUSTRIAL VISIT” – 2/3/2018

    The Industrial visit for the academic year 2017-18 was arranged to visit three esteemed companies at Bangalore, conducted by Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) student‟s chapter for the second year students of Department of Electronics and Communication. The purpose of the visit was to provide an exposure to students regarding internal working of companies and also give basic idea about application, functional opportunities, manufacturing, services, finance and opportunities available in the different sectors. The program was planned and scheduled for two days dated 2.03.2018 and 3.03.2018 for sixty six students of II year ECE. Mr. Anil Bhat and Mrs. Nju Rajan were the staff in-charge. The first company was PC Process Private Limited located at Industrial Estate of Peenya 2nd stage in Bangalore. It was established in 1983. The company is specializing in quick turnaround manufacturing of „Prototype Multilayer Printed Circuit boards‟ production. They also export their products to other countries like Sri Lanka, Israel, Canada and USA.

    The second visit was to the Indian Meteorological Department located at Palace Road of Bangalore. It is an organization under the Government of India, Bangalore being the headquarters. The staff at the meteorological department explained the matters relating to Meteorology, Seismology and allied subjects. The provided brief information regarding the weather forecast, recording the humidity, temperature, pressure, rainfall level, wind speed and direction and so on using various instruments. They record the weather sensitives every day since many years.

    The third company was Digital Circuits Private Limited which was located at Doddakalasandra Kanapur of Bangalore. It‟s a company with a vast experience of 23 years in providing high quality Electronics Service. They use PCB as raw material and give their service to industries related automotive, electronic metering, telecommunication, power transmission, medical equipment and many more. The company staff explained as to how their products are manufactured. We got our doubts cleared by them and watched the working of machines with curiosity.

  • 4. NMAMIT, Nitte arranged “Parents - Teachers Meet” - 5th March 2018.
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    “PARENTS - TEACHERS MEET” – 5/3/2018

    Parents-Teacher‟s meet to discuss the Ist semester end examination results held on 05-03-2017 at 10.00 A.M in “Shambhavi Seminar Hall”. Dr. I. R. Mithnathaya, Vice Principal & Dean (Academic) welcomed the parents and briefed about the objectives of the meeting. He said that I year Coordinator Prof. Vinaya B.R. is monitoring the performance of the I year students and he requested all the parents to help him in this regard by getting the information of academic activities of their ward regularly.

    Principal Dr. Niranjan N. Chiplunkar, in his presidential remarks explained to parents the steps taken by the Institution for the improvement of academic performance of first year students. Prof. Vinaya B.R gave the statistics of the I sem. Results and details of students who failed in more than two subjects. He also explained the way of conduction of remedial classes for needy students and students who has not performed well in sessional. During the discussion with the parents many parents expressed their opinion about the steps taken by the Institution regarding poor performed students and gave their suggestions also. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Prof. Vinaya B.R. After the meeting, parents visited concerned department faculty members to discuss about the performance of their wards in I MSE.

  • 5. NMAMIT, Nitte organised “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” – 6th March 2018.
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    Entrepreneurship Development Cell, organized Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp for Final Year students of M R Punja ITI on 6th March, 2018. 95 students attended the programme. In the first session Dr. Balasubramani R delivered a talk on Digital Entrepreneurship and touched upon various Entrepreneurship Opportunities available for students in Information Technology. In the second session, Dr. Sudhirraj K delivered a talk on Historical background of Entrepreneurship, Qualities of the entrepreneur etc. In the next session, Sri Sundara Serigara highlighted on various support and financial assistance from Govt. agencies, banks, and financial institutions. Also, he briefed about identification of business opportunities, project selection, project report preparation, project appraisal, technical & financial feasibility and evaluation.

  • 6. OBE Orientation Program for IS Faculty at NMAMIT – 6th March 2018.
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    Dr. Balasubramani R, Institute NBA Coordinator conducted Orientation Program on Outcome Based Education to the faculty members of Information Science and Engineering Department of NMAMIT on 06 March 2018. 17 faculty members of ISE department attended the program. The program covered the following topics: NBA – History, Importance of NBA Accreditation, Definitions of CO, PO, PSO, PEO, Graduate Attributes, Stakeholders in the process of Accreditation, Direct and Indirect Tools for Assessment

  • 7. Technical Talk on “Artificial Neural Networks and its Applications” – 7th March 2018.
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    A Technical talk on “Artificial Neural Networks and Its Applications“ was organized under the aegis of the Computer Society of India, NMAMIT Student Branch on 7th March 2018 at 2PM in Shambhavi Seminar Hall. The speaker Dr. Prema K.V, Professor from the Dept. of CSE, MIT, Manipal, started the event with a brief explanation of what neural networks are and its importance in our everyday lives. She covered detail about the networks, explaining the mathematical concepts behind it. She also provided information about the project that was done by students from MIT, Manipal. The event was met with good response, from all the students as well as all the faculty members that attended. The event witnessed the active participation of 40 students and 7 faculty members of NMAM institute of technology from departments of CSE, ISE and MCA, SBC, Prof. Sharada U shenoy and the other departmental coordinators were present. Student Organizers were Srinivas, Chairman, CSI Student Branch and Vineeth J. Faculty Organizers were Prof. Sharada U Shenoy, SBC, Prof. Chinmayi Shetty and Dr. Uday Kumar Shenoy.

  • 8. A Talk on “Pre-Placement Preparation” – 7th March 2018.
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    ISTE Student Chapter has organized a talk on “Pre-Placement Preparation” by Prof. Prashanth Kumar A, Placement Officer, Canara Engineering College in Sowparnika Seminar Hall on 7th March 2018 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. Mr. Abhishek S. Rao, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ISE introduced the speaker to the gathering and welcomed the speaker. The speaker highlighted on the various soft skills like self-introduction, common mistakes during interview, body language tricks and Email writing. The speaker also conducted interactive sessions with students which benefited them for the upcoming placements. The talk helped in boosting self-esteem of students. A total count of 42 students from third year of ISE got benefited from the session. Prof. Vasudeva Pai, ISTE Chief Coordinator presented a memento to the speaker as a token of respect and gratitude.

  • 9. Technical Talk on “Solar PV Integration to the Grid” was arranged – 8th March 2018
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    The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte organized a Technical Talk on March 8, 2018 in the Sambhram Auditorium between 2:00 PM and 4:00PM. The resource person for the event was Mr. S. Lokabhiraman, Former Sr. DGM, BHEL (EDN), Bangalore. He gave an insight into the Solar PV integration to the Grid. Explaining the basics of wafer design and solar cell manufacturing, he talked about the trend of solar PV. He explained the challenges faced while synchronizing the system with the grid. He had constructive interaction with faculty members and the students of the electrical and electronics engineering department. Abot 150 students participated in this programme.

  • 10. Industrial Visit Organised by ISTE Student chapter, E&C - 9th & 10th March 2018.
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    “INDUSTRIAL VISIT” – 9/3/2018

    Indian Society for Technical Education (I.S.T.E) student chapter, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte had organized industrial visit to Bangalore. The program was planned and scheduled for two days dated 09.03.2018 and 10.03.2018 for forty five students of III year ECE. Mrs. Nju Rajan and Mr. Karthik were the staff in-charge. The industrial visit started with a visit to Vishveshwaraya Technological Museum. The museum had various divisions such as Mechanics which had inventions related to mechanics such as boilers, late machines, different gear drives etc. Another section was BEL Electronics Lab which had logic gates, transistors etc. Aerospace section had models of air rockets, fluid stream lines and aerodynamic drag etc. The most interesting section was fun science which were the application of various theoretical laws.

    The second visit was to Digital Circuits, which was located at Doddakalasandra Kanapur of Bangalore. It‟s a company with a vast experience of 23 years in providing high quality Electronics Service. This industry specializes in production of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for its clients. The ground floor of their building is entirely automated with latest machines. The machine which is used to place components, can place 1,20,000 per hour. It can produce a complete fabricated PCB in 8 minutes. The first floor of that plant is a manual processing station. Here both lead and lead-less soldering techniques are used based on client‟s requirement. Here they use wave-foam soldering technique to produce PCB at faster rate. The second floor of this building is again used for manual processing and testing of the PCB. This ended the day one of the industrial visit. The second day started with a visit to Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore . It was open day of IISc, Bangalore. Various projects were being exhibited. Few among them were Li-Fi i.e. a proposed successor of Wi-Fi, which is faster since it uses light for transmission and reception. Another one was, finding out the adulteration of petroleum product using the concept of resonating frequency of rectangular waveguide. The Department of ECE, of IISC had conducted a cross word puzzle competition based on technical question related to core ECE subjects for which our student was the winner. Raksha Shet from VI semester C section was the winner. She was gifted with a power bank as the prize for the event.

    Industrial visit was concluded with great learning experience. It bridged the gap between theoretical training and practical application in real-life. Students got a better way to identify their prospective area of work. It has broaden the outlook of every student.

  • 11. 2 Days Workshop on “Salesforce Trailhead” - 9th & 10th March 2018.“SALESFORCE
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    Department of MCA, NMAMIT, Nitte organized a 2-Day “Salesforce Trailhead Workshop” on 9th & 10th March 2018. The Chief Guest, Mr. Abhilash Kuntar, Salesforce Architect at ETmarlabs, Bangalore, Alumnus of MCA department briefed about the Salesforce platform. Dr. I. R Mithanthaya ,Dean & Vice Principal Stressed upon skill up gradation and motivated the students to harvest the benefits of workshop during his presidential remark.

    Dr. Surendra Shetty, HOD, MCA Department welcomed the gathering. Dr. Karuna Pandit , Professor Department of MCA, briefed about the workshop. Dr. K. M. Hegde, Director MCA department, faculty of MCA department, Mr. Vishwa Vikas, developer advocate Engineer, Mr. Rakesh Thota, Events Manager from Salesforce developer relations team, Mr. Harish Nath, CEO, Sambhodhi Tech Solutions and 12 Salesforce developers at Sambhodhi Tech Solutions were present.115 MCA students and 60 IS students participated in the fully hands on session of the workshop. Mr. Anantha Murthy, Assistant Prof proposed vote of thanks and Ms. Spoorthi B Shetty, Asst. Professor compered the program.

  • 12. 2 Days workshop on “CSi Bridge and E TABS” – 15th & 16th March 2018
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    “CSI BRIDGE AND E TABS” – 15/3/2018

    Department of Civil Engineering organised two days workshop on “CSi Bridge and E TABS” – 15th & 16th March 2018.This first day programme was focused on CSi Bridge which included : Introduction to CSi Bridge Modelling of Simple Bridge Elements, Load Concepts according to IRC guidelines, Application of the Loads to the given structure , Analysis and Design of the Structur eComputation of result

    eE TABS: Is a refined and convenient special purpose analysis and design program developed especially for building design. ETABS provides an unique suite of tools for structural engineers for designing buildings, Design of steel and concrete Structural members can be easily done in ETABS. The topic covered are:

    • Introduction to Etab Software
    • Overall Features of Etab software
    • Modeling of structures
    • Assigning the Different loads to the structure
    • Load combination concept
    • Analysis and Designing
    • Computation of result

    The workshop was formally inaugurated by the Resource Person Mr. Mr. Rajeev sharma, Director, CSi Engineering software Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi through lighting the lamp. Mr. Shaik Kabeer Ahmed, Program Coordinator briefed about the purpose of the workshop followed by the Presidential speech by Dr. Niranjan N Chiplunkar, Principal. Total number of participants was 34

  • 13. Technical Talk on “Software Testing Tools” – 16th March 2018
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    “SOFTWARE TESTING TOOLS” – 16/3/2018

    The Students association of MCA (SAMCA) organized a Technical Talk on Software Testing Tools” on 16th March, 2018 from 1.30 PM to 4.30PM in the MCA Seminar Hall. More than 100 students of MCA participated in this talk. Mrs. Spoorthi P. SShetty, Assistant Professor, Department of MCA was the resource person. The Topics covered in the talk are

    • Importance of Testing
    • Types of Testing
    • Testing Tools
    • Open Source Testing Tool
    • Demo on various tools
  • 14. 3 Days workshop on “Primavera Tool in Civil Engineering Projects” – 21st &23rd March 2018.
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    Department of Civil Engineering organised three days workshop on “Primavera Tool in Civil Engineering Projects” on 21st &23rd March 2018 “ Participants are exposed to how to navigate in the Primavera tool, create a project, add activities and relationships, assign resources, adjust the project plan to account for schedule delays and over-allocated resources, and analyze portfolios. Participants also will learn how to customize dashboards and the Project Workspace to monitor project progress and communicate with team members. Total number of participants were 34

  • 15. One day Workshop on “LaTeX” was organized - 23rd March 2018
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    “LATEX” – 23/3/2018

    A one day workshop on LaTeX was organized by the Department of MCA on 23rd March 2018 under SAMCA activities. Ms. Mamatha Balipa, Associate. Professor, Department of MCA, NMAM.I.T, Nitte was the resource person for the workshop. 90 students from the Department of MCA attended the workshop.The workshop aimed at training the students in using LaTeX software and the commands used in typesetting documents. Information about how a scientific paper should be prepared and what contents should be present in the paper was also discussed. The training will help the students in preparing well formatted scientific papers/articles to be published in conferences and journals. It will also help them in preparing their project reports in a well formatted manner.

    II. Conferences/ Workshops Attended by the faculty

  • 1. Report on Visit to NMIT, Bangalore by NMAMIT Faculty – 21st & 22nd March 2018
  • Dr. Balasubramani – Professor of ISE (Coordinator), Dr. Krishnanand Shet – Associate Professor of ECE and Prof. Suryanarayana – Associate Professor of EEE visited various Centers of Excellence and Research Labs at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore during 21-22 March 2018. Dr. Jharna Majumdhar, Dean (R&D), NMIT coordinated the visit and gave a detailed presentation on various Research Activities being conducted at Center for Robotics Research. The team visited the following CoEs: Center for Small Satellite Research, Center for Robotics Research, Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Center for Nanomaterials and MEMS and Center for Design Engineering and Process Simulation. The team also interacted with the following active researchers: Dr. Shekhar Majumdhar, Dr. Sudheer, Dr. Madhusudhan, Dr. Veda, Dr. Habibuddin Shaik, Prof. Mamatha Bai, Prof. Shilpa, Prof. Prasanth and Prof. Santhosh Kumar.

    Sl.No.Name of the FacultyDept.Deputed for PlaceDate of Visit
    1.Mr. Grynal D'MelloMechTo attend and present paper titled “ Surface Roughness Prediction in High Speed Turning of Ti-6AI-4V: A comparison of Techniques” in the International Conference on “Advances in Manufacturing materials and ENERGY Engineering” (Icon MMEE-2018) MITE, Moodabidri2nd &3rd March, 2018
    2.Mr. Shanmukha ShettyCivilTo conduct two days workshop on “STAAD PRO” SN Mudabidri Polytechnic, Moodbidri 28th 1st March 2018
    3.Mr. Adarsh RaiMechTo attend and present his paper titled “Comparison of Modeling Techniques to be used as an objective function in optimization Techniques” in the International Conference on “Advances in Manufacturing materials and Energy Engg. (ICONMMEE-2018) MITE, Moodabidri 2nd & 3rd March 2018
    4.Mr. Vishwanath JSMechTo attend and present paper titled “ Modeling & Prediction of Surface Roughness in Ti-6AI-4V turned curfaces: Use of DTWC image Fusion and GLCM” in the International Conference on “Advances in Manufacturing materials and ENERGY Engineering” (Icon MMEE-2018) MITE, Moodbidri2nd &3rd March, 2018
    5.Mrs. Niju RajanECIndustrial Visit to Companies in Bangalore along with 6th Sem. EC students Bangalore9th &10th March, 2018
    6.Mrs Mangala
    Mrs. Ramya
    MCATo attend one day TCS AIP Facult Development Programme MIT, Manipal9th March, 2018
    7.Dr. I.R.MithnathayaCivilTo attend meeting at BMS College of Engineering ( Discussion on New Syllabus for 2018-19, as per AICTE) BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore12th March 2018
    8.Mr. Sachith (Research Associate)Mech.Vist to ABB, Bangalore to inspect Robot as per the purchase order for dispacth Bangalore14th March 2018
    9.Dr. Surendra ShettyMCA. To attend VGST Interaction meeting JNCASR, Jakkur, Bangalore17th March 2018
    10.Dr. D.K. SreekanthaCS To attend meeting on vocational courses imitated by ACTE Atria Institute of Technology , Bangalore19th March 2018
    11.Dr. D.K. SreekanthaCS To attend IOT meeting NMIT,Bangalore20th March 2018
    12.Dr. BalasubramaniISE To attend Infosys Campus Connect meeting Infosys, DC, BangaLORE23rd March 2018
    13.Mr. Marwa Mohiddin,(4NM16SCS08)CSE To attend and present his paper titled “Enhancement of Mammographic Images in the DCT Compressed Domain” in the IEEE International Conference on Control, Power, Communication and Computing Technologies (ICCPCCT-2018) Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Kannur23rd & 24th March 2018
    14.Ms. Harshitha(4NM16SCS07)CSE To attend and present her paper titled “A Survey on Plant Disease Detection using Support Vector Machine” in the IEEE International Conference on Control, Power, Communication and Computing Technologies – (ICCPCCT-2018) Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Kannur23rd & 24th March 2018
    15.Dr. Manjunath K.B.Physics To attend VGST Interaction meeting JNCASR Jakkur, Bangalore17th March 2018
    16.Dr. Shashikanth Karinaka.Mech. To attend AICTE meeting on vocational Courses Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore17th March 2018
    17.Mr. Nithin Kumar.Mech. To meet HR Manager of SSMOS, BangaloreSSMOS, Bangalore26th March 2018
    18.Mrs. Rashmi Naveen.IS.To attend Inter-Colleg Workshop on “ ColPoll-Amazon Web Services “Alvas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mudabidri19th March 2018
    19.Dr. Rajesh ShettyEC.To attend pay Fixation MeetingVTU Office Bangalore14th March 2018
    20.Dr. Manjunath K.B.PhysicsTo attend VGST Interaction MeetingJNCASR, Bangalore17th March 2018
    21.Mrs. AkshayaISTo attend and present paper titled” Analyzing and Comparison of Movie Rating using Hadoop and Spark Frame Work” in the International Conference on “ Data Analytics and Learning 2018 (DAL 18)Manasagangotri Mysore30th &31st March,2018