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Mechanical Engineering

Institution and Department
Engineering. The Institution also offers 11 postgraduate Engineering programs (M.Tech) along with MCA and MBA programs as well as Doctoral programs through 10 research centers under various departments approved by VTU. All its UG programs and a few PG Programs are accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi from the year 2001. The institution has about 4500 students and 313 faculty members supported by 112 technical, 387 non-teaching & administrative staff. All Programmes are permanently affiliated to VTU Belagavi. The Institution is accredited with ‘B’ grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in December 2014. Since then, it has made improvements in curricular aspects, research activities, Governance related issues and innovative methods. Institute is certified to the ISO 9001-2015 standards for quality education by NVT Quality Certifications (ANAB accredited). The institution has been granted Academic Autonomy under the Visvesvaraya Technological University from 2007-08.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in 1986 with an intake of 60 undergraduate students. Today the department has an intake of 180 undergraduate students with faculty strength of 52. The Department offers the undergraduate programme of B.E in Mechanical Engineering and 2 PG programmes - M. Tech in Energy Systems Engineering and Machine Design with an intake of 18 students each. The Department is also a recognized research centre under VTU Belagavi, with 9 guides and more than 26 Ph.D students both internal and external including 3 full-time Research Scholars. The department has excellent infrastructural facilities in terms of class rooms and laboratories. The faculty members are engaged in research activities with sponsored research projects worth more than Rs. 90 Lakhs already executed. A research project of Rs. 77.28 Lakhs is in progress in micromachining area with 50% fund sharing by Karnataka Council for Technological Upgradation; Government of Karnataka. The department has excellent research output in terms of publications in refereed International Journals and prestigious national and international conferences, with a total number of 171 publications in the last 3 years. The students of the department have been placed in leading companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Oracle, Tega Industries, Kirloskar Toyota Textile machinery, Polycab, Bosch, Toyota Kirloskar Motor etc. The faculty members in the department have been continuously updating their technical expertise and knowledge by attending/organizing seminars, conferences and workshops. Many faculty have won several awards and sponsorships for attending and conducting seminars and conferences.
Department at a Grance

Vision of the Department
To produce Mechanical engineers of the highest quality who are professionally competent and highly qualified to suit the needs of industries and organizations by promoting excellence in teaching, learning and research.
Mission of the Department
The Dept. of Mechanical Engineering is committed to
  • Provide high quality education to the students, to fulfill the requirements of a ‘Global Engineer’.
  • Constantly strive to improve the teaching-learning methods, in order to deliver good academic programs.
  • To respond to the fast evolving scientific and technological challenges in a highly competitive world.
  • To inculcate, ethics, integrity, honesty, credibility, social and environmental consciousness.

Dr. Shashikanth Karinka
Professor & Head
Department of Mechanical Engineering
In line with the requirements of Outcome Based Education and to strive for excellence, the department gives a lot of emphasis to institute-industry interaction. The department is committed to produce the industry-ready engineers through skill development programmes apart from the up to date curriculum and syllabus, to meet the ever changing industry requirements through benchmarking. The department has embarked upon intensive skill development programme for students called "Product Development Engineer" leading to level-7 certification through NASSCOM. The department has student chapters in several areas such as condition monitoring society of India, Solar energy society of India, Indian Welding Society, Fluid Power Society of India and so on. The department has active clubs of SAE for automotive, Aero Club and Robotics Club. The activities in the clubs lead to innovation, start-up and entrepreneurship. The students get actively involved in cultural programmes through cultural clubs. The students are provided with opportunities to carry out industry projects and internships. Hence the students get an all-round opportunity for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through a variety of forums. The branch association of the department managed by the students, very actively organizes guest lectures, training programmes, and competitions etc for the students. Our students have won prizes at the local, state, regional, national and at the international levels in technical and sports activities. The present-day industry buzzwords like Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Drones, Future of IC engines, Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, active learning, Robotics, 3-D printing, welding, piping engineering etc have been added in the curriculum. The active learning component has been incorporated in both UG and PG curriculum. The active-learning on robotics laboratories, and industry powered laboratory with technical support from Ashok Leyland, Chennai are the important new features in the way we impart education. We have made industry visit compulsory to students through curriculum. Hence every student gets an opportunity to visit industry and to get a feel of the industry and to be in tune with the up to date requirements. With all this we are providing overall a win-win situation for all stake holders. Hence we attract the students from outside the state and even overseas nonresident Indians.

Faculty Details
Adjunct Faculty
Mr. S Gopinath
Former Executive Director
BHEL - Trichy
Dr. Ravinchandran
Former General MAnager
Welding Research Institute

UG Programmer
Dr. Shrinivasa Rao B R
M.Tech., Ph.D
Professor & COE
ID Engines, ALternative Fules
Dr. Subrahmanya Bhat K.
M. Tech, PhD
Prof.& Dean (Student Welfare)
Quality Management
Dr. Shashikantha Karinka
M. Tech, PhD
Prof.& Head
IC Engines, Green Mfg.,Alt. Energy
Dr. Srinivasa Pai P.
M. Tech, PhD
Professor & DCOE
Tool Condition Monitoring
Dr. Narasimha Marakala
M. Tech, PhD
Fluid Induced Vibration
Dr. Narasimha Bailkere
M. Tech, PhD
Combustion Engineering
Dr. Mallikappa
M. Tech, PhD
Alternative Fuels
Mr. Vinaya B. R.
M. Tech
Associate Professor & First Year Coordinator
Thermal Engg.
Mr. Manjunath Shenoy
M. Tech
Associate Professor
Production Engineering
Dr. Gururaj Upadhyaya
M. Tech, PhD
Associate Professor
Quality Initiatives and Performance
Mr. Ananthakrishna Somayaji
M. Tech, (PhD)
Associate Professor
Production Management
Mr. Suresh Shetty
M. Tech, (PhD)
Associate Professor
Thermal Engineering
Mr. Ravishankar Bhat
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd. III
Mr. Ravindra
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd III
Alternative Fuels
Mr. P. Venkatesh Murthy
M. Tech., (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd. III
Engineering Management and Enterpreneurship
Mr. Austin Dinesh D'Souza
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd. III
Machine Design
Mr. Adarsh Rai
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd. II
Optimization Techniques
Mrs. Rashmi P. Shetty
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd. II
Wind Energy
Mr. Ravikiran Kamath
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd. II
Machine Design
Mr. Kumar H. S.
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd. II
Condition Monitoring
Mr. Nithin Kumar
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd II
Composite Materials
Mr. Dilip Kumar K.
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd. II
Machine Design
Mr. Srinivas Prabhu
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd II
Mr. Grynal D'Mello
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd II
Metal Machining
Mr. Divijesh P.
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd II
Machine Design and Vibrations
Mr. Vishwanath J. S.
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd II
Wavelet Transform
Mr. Sharath Chandra
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd II
Dynamic Job Sequencing
Mr. Rajath N. Rao
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd II
Machine Design, piping
Mr. Vidyasagar Shetty
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd II
Composite materials
Mr. Ajith M. Hebbale
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd I
Microwave Processing of materials
Mr. Krishna Prasad
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd I
Mr. Manjunath Maiya
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd I
Composite Materials
Mr. Goutama Hebbar
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd I
Nuclear Engg.
Mr. Melwyn Rajesh Castelino
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd I
Machine Design
Mr. Vincent Linish D'Souza
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd I
Machine Design
Mr. Bhaskara P. Achar
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd I
Production Technology
Mr. Mohan Poojari
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd I
Machine Design
Mrs. K. Akshatha Manjunath
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd I
I.C. Engines
Mr. Santhosh G.
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd I
Nano Materials
Mr. Raghavendra Pai
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd I
Computational fluid dynamics
Mr. Sunil Kumar Shetty
M. Tech
Assistant Professor Gd I
Composite Materials
1. Mr. Prasad Prabhu
2. Mr. Santhosh Acharya
3. Mr. Sandesh Nayak

M.Tech in Energy System Engineering
Dr. Sudesh Bekal
M. Tech, PhD
Professor and Dean (R&D)
IC Engines.
Mr. Udaya D.
Associate Professor
Energy System Engineering
Mr. Aneesh Jose
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd I
Energy Storage, Refrigeration

M.Tech in Machine Design
Dr. Muralidhara
M. Tech, PhD
Professor & PG Coordinator
Micro Machining
Mr. T. R. Venugopal
M.Tech, (PhD)
Associate Professor
Micro Machining
Mr. Vireesha R. K.
M. Tech, (PhD)
Assistant Professor Gd II
Design engineering,Micro Machining

Faculty Specialization
Total 171 Publications (2012-2017)
  • Indexed Journal- 36
  • Non Indexed Journal - 53
  • Indexed proceedings – 23
  • Non Indexed Proceedings-59
Domains of Expertise
  • Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining
  • Tool-based Mechanical Micro Machining
  • Active vibration isolation
  • Alternate fuels
  • Composites
  • Condition monitoring
  • Quality Management
  • Energy Management
  • 3 awards at prestigious IMTEX Exhibition of 2014, 2015 &2017 in micromachining area.
  • Best paper awards received by several faculty members.
  • ISTE-GSFC National Award for M.Tech Project work.

Curricular Aspects

  • Industry Ready Engineer in curriculum
  • Employability skill development in curriculum
  • Elective courses on piping, welding, CFD introduced
  • Fast track semester
  • Compulsory industry component in Lab and course.
  • Industry powered automotive lab establishment.
  • Introduction of academic version of industry robot.
  • Industry supported syllabus on automotive engineering and metrology lab is introduced
  • Active learning in robotics and mechatronics
  • Incorporation of product design and development course in curriculum.
  • Topics on IOT, virtual reality, drones, Engine hybrid/electric drives, 3D printing added in curriculum
  • Machining a specimen in one semester applying a suitable coating for preservation of surface and studying surface in next semester.
  • Research internship: A journal publication based seminar.
  • Research based mini and final year projects.
  • Training through EDC
  • Industry experts/adjunct faculty for deliver of course content
  • INCUBATION Projects

Learning Methodology
Interactive Learning Internal video lectures, NPTEL, E-Learning facility
Active Learning Active Lab components as in Robotics and Automotive Engg.
Collaborative & Experiential Learning Product development through club activities, Building of physical model through foundry forging.
Project based Learning Summer internship and research projects. Model building for kinematics of machine, CAD Models.
Supportive mandatory Learning Enhancing self competence (3rd SEM), Immersive group workshop (IGW) 5th SEM, Employability skill development (5th & 6th).
Independent Learning Self learning components.

Best Practice

Major Laboratories
  • Engineering skill development lab
  • Computer Aided Engineering Graphics Lab
  • Foundry, Forging & Welding shop
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Energy Conversion Engineering Lab
  • Machine Shop
  • Fluid Machinery Lab
  • Metrology & Measurements Lab
  • Computer Aided Modeling & Analysis lab
  • CNC & Robotics lab
  • Dynamics Lab
  • Active learning Robotics lab
  • Heat transfer lab
Major laboratory equipment
  • CNC Lathe and Milling Machine
  • Radial Drilling machine
  • Air-conditioning Test rig
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Tool Maker’s microscope,
  • Floating Carriage Micrometer
  • Profile projector
  • Journal bearing apparatus
  • Center lathes with attachments & accessories
  • Forging hearth with blower set
  • Multi-cylinder Four stroke Petrol engine Test Rig
  • Single cylinder four stroke diesel engine Test Rig
Industry Powered Automotive Laboratory - Proposed


Technical Collaboration Ashok Leyland

Active Learning on Robotics Lab
  • Learning 3-D homogeneous transformations using 3-D coordinate system Models
  • Learning composite transformation matrices using mechanisms and 3-D coordinate system Models
  • Understanding Link and Joint Parameters of a robot using link-Joint pair and 3-D coordinate system Models
  • Understanding Direct Kinematics solution technique for different robot configurations using chaining of coordinate transformation attached to different joints and at the end effector.
  • Understanding Inverse Kinematics solution technique for different robot configurations using Direct Kinematics solution
  • Practicing robot programming for commercial robots

Research laboratories & important software

Major Research facilities
  • Active vibration isolation setup using flexurally amplified piezoelectric actuator, Tool based micromachining setup with high speed spindle, FLASHFORGE 3D printer, 3 DOF Articulated Robot Arm, Micro-EDM setup with in-situ measurement system, Table top CNC grinding machine
  • MTAB CNC milling machine, Customized Bearing Test rig, Laser Displacement Sensor, Tool maker microscope, Surface Roughness Measurement Equipment, Vibration measuring equipment
  • Computerized Four Stroke FCR CI Engine
  • Computerized Four Stroke Twin Plug SI Engine
  • Multi exhaust gas analyzer and smoke meter
Department Library / E-Learning Center
  • More than 700 volumes and 50 conference proceedings are available in the department library for the use of Faculty and Students
  • More than 987 UG & 76 PG project reports are available.
  • Faculty and students can access IEEE - IEL Online Journals / IEEE - IEL Online Conference Proceedings / Elsevier Science / Springer E-books & Journals / Taylor & Francis from the central library
Ongoing Funded R&D projects
  • Karnataka Council for Technological up gradation and NMAM Institute of technology, Nitte. Rs. 77.28 Lakhs (50% own fund) worth project sanctioned on center for Tool based Micromachining Research
  • Total Rs. 91.57 Lakhs of various funded projects completed during 2012-2017.
NID-DesignClinic-MSME sponsored Student projects
  • Multiple Biodiesel Seed Decorticator project was funded of Rs.1.02 Lakhs during 2015. (project code : SDP-15-180).
  • Screw press expeller for Honne oil extraction is funding of Rs.2.00 Lakhs in the year 2012. (project code : SDP17-1003).

Patent Details
Application Number Date of Filing Title
201741000898 09/01/2017 Multiple Biodiesel Seed Decorticator
201741027909 05/08/2017 Method system and apparatus for an Active Vibration Isolation system Flexurally Amplified Piezoelectric Amplifier
201741030257 28/08/2017 Method and system to determine End Effector position and Orientation Error of a Robotic arm.

Lab to Land
The multiple Biodiesel Seed Decorticator is used in Biodiesel Centre, Nitte

Innovation to start-up Entrepreneurship
An interdisciplinary group of 4 students have formed a company on Drone services business based on final year project work and internship.

Student project work and internship
  • In leading companies like ISRO, MRPL, Suzlon, Hyundai etc.
  • 20 UG + 32PG funded projects carried out from 2012-2017.
The department is offering consultancy/machining services to the customers with regard to the Alternative fuels and IC engine research lab, surface roughness measurement, CNC machines and Bio safety lab.

MoU with Universities, Government organizations and Industries
  • Foreign universities for Student project
    • Ritsumeikan University, Japan.
    • Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp Belgium.
    • University of Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Government organization for Student project and skill development
    • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmadabad.
    • Central Institute of Plastics Engineering &Technology (CIPET) Mysuru.
    • Foreman Training Institute, Bengaluru.
    • Apex Hi-Tech Training Institute, Bengaluru.
  • Industries for Project work & Industry integrated subjects
    • Infosys Ltd.
    • Lamina Foundries Limited.
    • Lamina Castings Limited Baikampady, Mangaluru.
Student Enrichment and Achievement
In line with the vision, the mission is to fulfill the requirements of “Global Engineer” and hence the students are provided all-round development opportunities by involving them in co-curricular, extra-curricular, outreach and extension activates through professional society chapters/clubs and the student branch associations.

Major Club Activities
Aero Club: Final year students and members of core committee, Aero Club, NMAMIT, Nitte participated in the prestigious Boeing IIT National Aeromodelling Competition held in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur on 25th and 26th March 2017. Mr. Karthik B Rao, secured 2nd position in Remote Control (RC) aircraft Competition and qualified into finals as one among top 12 best pilots in the entire nation.
  • SAE BAJA The team was formed in the year 2013 under SAE India collegiate club. Students design, fabricate, and test an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).
  • SAESUPRA : The team participated in Formula Car design and fabrication event held in July 2017.
  • Go Cart: Go-kart team established in the year 2014 to participate in International Go-kart championship

Student Enrichment & Achievements

Placement Details
  • College has a central placement cell which assists the students to face the campus placement.
  • Department also provides placement assistance by conducting soft skill courses, crack the campus etc.
  • Good number of core companies and mass recruiter visit the campus and recruit the students every year
  • The college and the department provide assistance to students to pursue higher studies by conducting coaching for GATE and Civil Service Exams.

  • Invited Talk by HoD in University of Antwerp, Belgium, Sept. 2016

    The Men Yoga team secured first place at University (VTU) level, Oct. 2016

    Guest lecture by Mr. Sathyprakash, Mahesh Software, Pune on vehicle durability in Aug. 2016

    Dr. Nalinaksh S Vyas, Professor- IIT Kanpur spoke on Technology Mission for Indian Railways, July 2017

    Skill development competition on foundry modeling in Oct. 2016

    VTU State-Level Intercollegiate Sports - Judo & Wrestling - Oct. 2016

    Mr. C. Prakash, Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai delivered a talk on "Career Opportunities in

    Participated in Agricultural Exhibition held at Agricultural Research Centre Brahmavar, Oct. 2016.

    Mr. Himanshu Hegde won national level competition in Muaythai held in Jan. 2017 and went to Thailand for global competition.

    Inauguration of Indian Welding Society NMAMIT Chapter - Jan. 2017 by Sri Gopinath, President IWS

    Blood donation camp by students - Jan. 2017

    FDP on "Theoretical and Computational Mechanics"19th-21st Jan. 2017.

    Teachers' Day celebration Sep. 2016 by AIMS

    Dr. RKP Singh, Senior Director-KCTI, Bharat Forge Ltd., Pune inaugurating National Conference on 3rd Aug. 2017

    Guest lecture on renewable energy by Shuichi Torii, Kumamoto University Japan, Aug. 2016

    Award received by Dr. Muralidhara in IMTEX Exhibition-2017