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  • Initiative Mission 3600
  • Industry Connect 2017
  • Industry Powered Lab
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Students' Projects


NMAMIT to be the centre of excellence for Institute-Industry Collaboration in India


To make NMAMIT a pivotal node in the diverse sets of industrial activities

The details of such collaboration are important to know how far theengineering institutions have been successful in providing demand-based,industry-responsive education, how well the institutions are equipped toproduce talent to meet market requirements and the extent to which theyare connected with the industry to get inputs on future challenges inmarket.Thus the establishment of an Institute–Industry Collaboration Cell is vital tocoordinate with the faculty members of the institution and industry topromote various forms of collaboration in the institution. In lieu of the above, a distinct wing for Institute–Industry Collaboration was established in the year 2016.

Director, IIC

Prof. A.N. Parameswaran
M.E., Ph.D., F.I.E.
+91 9740794466

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