The hostel fees, which includes the caution deposit, mess advance and the room rent will be collected at the time of admission. The mess advance is collected at the beginning of each semester while the room rent for each academic year will be collected at the beginning of the year along with the other fees of the college. The caution deposit will be refunded only at the end of the course. The hostel fees may be paid by cash deposit or by DD drawn on Syndicate/Vijaya Bank, Nitte in favour of chief warden NET Hostel, Nitte made payable at Nitte.

Rooms are allotted by the warden. Incase the boarder wishes to change rooms, a written permission from the warden is required. The timings for the boarders are as follows:
Boys: 9.30 PM

Girls : 6 PM (1st years)
7 PM (2nd,3rd,4th years)

Hostellers should collect the application form information brochure from the office by paying Rs.100. If a hosteller wishes to vacate the hostel, a refund application form should be submitted to the office.

The mess is run on a cost sharing basis and the bill is put up on the notice board at the beginning of every month. Based on the opinion of the boarders, the mess committee will decide on the menu which consists of South Indian, North Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Outside catering is not allowed. If a student is absent continuously for 4 days, then the bill for 2 days is reimbursed. There is a concession if the student is absent (continuously) for 8 days. There is no concession if he/she is absent for less than 4 days.

The hostellers are provided with a cot, cupboard, study table and a chair. Every hostel has solar heated facility, generators, common telephone, TV room, reading room / library, visitors parlour, water coolers etc. The hostels also have facilities for indoor and outdoor games.

Rules & Regulations

1 Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the campus.
2 Every boader must have a local guardian including those who reside in hostels other than the NET hostels.
3 Boarders should follow the timings of the hostels.
4 Visitors including parents / guardians are allowed to meet their wards in the visitors parlour during visiting hours and not in the rooms.
5 Students are not allowed to stay in rooms other than the ones allotted to them.
6 Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings.
7 Students are not allowed to keep pets of any kind in the hostels.
8 Use of tobacco, in any form is prohibited.
9 Consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
10 Possession of weapons or dangerous chemicals are strictly prohibited.
11 Hostellers are not allowed to stay in rooms during college hours, unless they are ill. Any illness should be reported to the warden.
12 The warden should be informed of any medication that the student uses.
13 Students are not permitted to stay away from the hostel or leave station without the prior permission from the warden.
14 Students, once admitted to the hostel, cannot vacate it without the written request from their parents, which must be authourised by the warden and the Principal.
15 Meetings / gatherings within the hostel are not permitted. Functions, of any kind, should have the prior permission of the warden.
16 Students are not allowed to have their meals in their rooms except under special conditions like illness etc. The permission of the warden is required in such cases.
17 Cooking is not permitted in the hostel rooms.
18 Any damage to the hostel property will attract a fine.

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