Green Cell


Green Cell of the Campus came around with the intention of making our surroundings clean. The staff quarters was chosen as the starting point. All began by segregating waste in to plastic, organic, sanitary and miscalleneaous waste. After repeated meetings and few hiccups, everything has fallen in place.

The organic waste is being dumped in a pit which is covered with mud and soon will yeild compost.

The plastic and the miscellaneous waste is being taken by a recycler and the sanitary waste is being burnt. A lot of work was done to bring about awareness in all the residents and it was a great learning experience for all involved.

Green Cell placed 2 bins each meant for Plastic and Paper on all the corridors of the college. The cleaning personnel work a lot towards the segregation. Few boards are placed in strategic points, to remind all, at all times, to keep our campus clean.

Hostel wardens, Guest house manager were also briefed about the waste segregation.

A shramdaan was organized, where in the students of NSS, MBA and Green Cell went around the campus and picked up all the waste, which was picked up later by the recycler.

At all functions the caterers have been specifically asked to bring washable plates, instead of the earler disposable. Only paper cups are used for the tea and coffee service.

We have a lot of work to accomplish and the path is really long in realising our dream of a clean Nitte grama.

Every year, under the Department of Biotechnology, World Biofuel Day and World Environment Day are celeberated, where more than 200 saplings of fruit yielding plants, Biofuel seed plants & other shade giving plants are planted.

A few of pictures taken during that events are given below.

The Bioenergy Research, Information and Demonstration Centre (BRIDC) of Biotechnology Engineering Department creates awareness and disseminates information about Bio-energy amongst the scientific community, students, farmers, government officials and general public. Planting Biofuel saplings during World Environment Day (June 5) and World Biofuel Day (August 10) is carried out by BRIDC every year by the help of staff and students of Biotechnology Engineering Department including NSS unit volunteers of NMAMIT. The centre is putting an effort to greening the campus with various biofuel plantlets such as Honne, Simarouba, Hippe, Amura etc. The seeds obtained from these plants are useful in producing non-edible oil which can be converted to Biodiesel. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine by mixing with petroleum diesel. The usage of biodiesel will reduce environmental pollution and also minimizes problems associated with non-renewable sources of energy.

Current Activities of the Green Cell :

The cleaning staff of the college, the gardeners are paid annually an amount collected through selling of waste paper, plastic and other waste materials by sharing it in equal proportions. Sri. Aravind Hegde, Special Officer of the campus is in-charge of this activity. This initiative of the Institute is really working well since it makes all the sweepers and gardeners to take more interest in collecting the garbage and segregating the same for further processing.