Green Cell took its wings last year in NMAMIT campus. A few like minded people came around with the intention of making our surroundings clean. The staff quarters was chosen as the starting point. All began by segregating waste in to plastic, organic, sanitary and miscalleneaous waste. After repeated meetings and few hiccups, everything has fallen in place.

The organic waste is being dumped in a pit which is covered with mud and soon will yeild compost.

The plastic and the miscellaneous waste is being taken by a recycler and the sanitary waste is being burnt. A lot of work was done to bring about awareness in all the residents and it was a great learning experience for all involved.

Green Cell placed 2 bins each meant for Plastic and Paper on all the corridors of the college. The cleaning personnel work a lot towards the segregation. Few boards are placed in strategic points, to remind all, at all times, to keep our campus clean.

Hostel wardens, Guest house manager were also briefed about the waste segregation.

A shramdaan was organized, where in the students of NSS, MBA and Green Cell went around the campus and picked up all the waste, which was picked up later by the recycler.

At all functions the caterers have been specifically asked to bring washable plates, instead of the earler disposable. Only paper cups are used for the tea and coffee service.

We have a lot of work to accomplish and the path is really long in realising our dream of a clean Nitte grama.


Green Cell inauguration by Dr Niranian N Chiplunklar


Dr Niranian N Chiplunklar & Dr Vaman Rao.


Dr Vaman Rao. presentation by Dr Vaman Rao


Enthusiastic students at Shramaddan