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Entrepreneurship Development Cell, NMAMIT, Nitte


The National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has appointed Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) as its National Implementing & Monitoring Agency for Training (NIMAT) to promote and strengthen following programmes:

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme / Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme
  • Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme
  • Faculty Development Programme

EDI as NIMAT will coordinate and monitor the above programmes for promoting entrepreneurship amongst Science & Technology target group through Human Resource and Entrepreneurship Development Strategy, at the national level. It will also work as a vital link between the NSTEDB and EDCs for conducting the above said programmes.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt of India has established Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, Udupi District in Karnataka State during the month of June. 2004. Activities under EDC commenced from January, 2005. EDC had taken up activities to meet the requirements in 3 areas of entrepreneurship developments.

  • Conducting long term training programme to promote development of business ventures / small scale industries/ micro enterprises and promote employment opportunities in the region. Some of the training given are:
    • Basic Electronics & Repair of Inverter, UPS and Stabilizer
    • Electrical Appliances Repair
    • Beautician Course
    • Advanced Computer Applications
    • Training on CNC Machine operation, programming & Maintenance
    • 2D & 3D Animation
    • Fashion Designing & Interior Decoration
    • Catering and Bakery Products
    • Rexine Bag Preparation
    • Repair and Maintenance of Mobile Phones
  • Creating entrepreneurial culture in institutions and colleges in and around Nitte.
  • Conducting Faculty Development - is designed to train and develop professionals in entrepreneurship development so that they can act as resource persons in guiding and motivating young S&T persons to take up entrepreneurship as a career.

EDC of NMAMIT is putting all its effort for the effective implementation of EDC activities. Monitoring system is in place to monitor the performance of industries initiated by EDC. Students are encouraged to start their own ventures and all necessary help and guidance are given through EDC.

The vision of EDC is

The vision of EDC is to enhance entrepreneurial culture and eco system in the institute with main focus on digital entrepreneurship.

Mission of EDC is
  • To foster better linkages with government and private organizations, academic institutions, R&D organizations, industries, financial institutions, commercial banks and other important promoters of business organizations.
  • To implement various government and privately sponsored projects
  • To catalyze and promote development of enterprises and promote employment opportunities.
EDC & STEP Advisory Board Members Patron
  • Shri N. Vinaya Hegde, President, Nitte Education Trust, Mangalore
  • Prof. N.R. Shetty , Former President, Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and Former VC, Bangalore University

Dr. Niranjan N Chiplunkar , Principal, NMAMIT, Nitte


Dr. Balasubramani R , Chief Project Leader, EDC , NMAMIT, Nitte

  • Dr. I.R. Mithanthaya , Vice Principal & Dean (Academic), NMAMIT, Nitte
  • Dr. A.N. Parameswaran, Director, IIIC , NMAMIT, Nitte
  • Dr. K. Sankaran, Director,JKSH Institute of Management, NMAMIT, Nitte
  • Shri Ramananda Nayak, Joint Director,District Industries Centre, Udupi
  • Shri Prasad Rao, District Development Manager, NABARD, Mangalore,
  • SIDBI Representative
  • NSTEDB Representative
  • Shri B.S. Baliga, Chief Executive, Lamina Suspension Products Ltd., Mangalore
  • Shri Rohit Bhat, CEO, Robosoft Technologies, Udupi
Suvarna Kayaka Koushalyabhivrudhi Yojane Vocational Training Centre, NMAMIT, Nitte

The main objectives of the Vocational Training Centre are increasing the employability of the educated unemployed youth by providing required vocational training and to provide ready to –use manpower to the industries and other service sectors. In addition to this main objectives, establishment of specialized vocational training centres will have direct and indirect positive impact on socio-economic development of that particular location. To meet this objectives vocational training centre has been established at NMAMIT, Nitte in association with Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Bangalore.

Under Deen Dayal Upadyaya Grameen Koushalya Yojana, EDC is conducted 3 months Hospitality –Reception Assistant & Information Assistant.

Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)
  • NMAMIT, Nitte is recognized as Business Incubator (BT)/ Host institute for implementation of the scheme “Support for Entrepreneurial & managerial Development of SMEs through Incubator” on 15.06.2015 by the Office of the Development Commissioner, Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises, GOI.
  • Executed agreement dated 30.06.2015 between GOI & NMAMIT, Nitte (Host institute) & got approved by GOI on 15.07.2015.
  • To promote emerging Technological & Knowledge based innovative venture
  • To nurture ideas from professionals beyond the traditional activities of MSME
  • To foster & develop the entrepreneurial ideas in a supportive environment before they become attractive for venture capital.
Facilities/ Initiatives:
  • 10 new ideas in 3 to 4 years to nurture & develop in a Business Incubation Centre
  • Upgradation of infrastructure 2.5 lakhs
  • Orientation & training 1.28 lakhs
  • Administration expenses 0.22 lakhs
  • 4.0 to 8.0 lakhs for per idea/per unit natured by the Business Incubation Centre
Total for 10 ideas / units 66.5 lakhs

  • Students of NMAMIT can nurture their ideas
  • Alumni of the institute can set up entrepreneurial units & employee NMAMIT students for nurturing their ideas
  • NMAMIT can collect rent / charges for the facilities provided
Start-up Recognition:
  • 9toppiks, Hyderabad” – 16 December 2016
  • Mr. VenkataNarsimha Raju Penmetsha, Co-founder & Director, 9toppiks Internet Services Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad presented the core offering of their product / process / service to the Expert Committee comprising of Dr. Balasubramani R – Chairman, Dr.Sreekantha D – Internal Member and Mr. Praveen Udupa – External Member.

  • Thought Grains Solutions, Udupi” – 16 December 2016
  • Mr. Arunachala K Shetty, Co-founder, Thought Grains Solutions, Udupi presented the core offering of their product / process / service to the Expert Committee comprising of Dr. Balasubramani R – Chairman, Dr.Sreekantha D – Internal Member and Mr. Praveen Udupa – External Member

  • Smart Skill Tech Pvt. Ltd., Haryana” – 11February 2017
  • Mr. Vitesh Bhatia, CEO, Smart Skill Tech Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad, Haryana presented the core offering of their services to the Expert Committee comprising of Dr. Balasubramani R – Chairman, Dr.K.K.Achary – External Member (Academic) and Dr. Sreekantha – Internal Member (Academic).

  • Karnataka Bio Fuel, Dharwad” – 18 February 2017
  • Mr. Asif Ali P, Marketing Head and Dr.Veerendra Kumar, Partner of M/s. Karnataka Bio Fuel, Dharwad presented the core offerings of their entity to Expert Committee comprising of Dr. Balasubramani R – Chairman, Dr.Vaman Rao and Mr. Venkatesh Kamath – Internal Members.

  • Kakunje Software Private Limited” – 18March 2017
  • Mr. Gopala Krishna Bhat Kakunje, Director, Kakunje Software Private Limited, Mangalore presented the core product of their entity to Expert Committee comprising of Dr. Balasubramani R – Chairman, Dr.Uday Kumar Reddy, Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE (Internal Member – Academic) and Dr.KarunaPandit, Professor & Head, Dept. of MCA (Internal Member – Academic).

  • GoGreenBioEnergy India Pvt Ltd” – 22 April 2017
  • Mr. Naveen Pawar, Managing Director, GoGreenBioEnergy India Pvt Ltd, Davangere and his team member presented the innovative method of producing bio-diesel before the Expert Committee comprising of Dr. Balasubramani R – Chairman, Dr. Vaman Rao, Professor & Head, Dept. of BT – Internal Member (Academic) and Mr. Venkatesh Kamath, Asst. Professor, Dept. of BT – Internal Member (Academic).

  • Skillablers Technologies Private Limited” – 8 May 2017
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar Radhakrishnan, CEO, Skillablers Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore presented the core offerings of their entity such as Visual Profiling, Talent Management, Career Planning, Placement Solutions and Marketplace for Vocational Skill Providers to Expert Committee comprising of Dr. Balasubramani R – Chairman, Dr. Sreekantha Desai – Professor, Dept. of CSE (Internal Member – Academic) and Mr. Devidas, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ISE (Internal Member – Academic).