Computer Science & Engineering

To be a center of excellence in Computer science & Engineering education and research, empower the lives of individuals to fulfill their academic excellence, professional passions, and partnership for community development.

• To impart both theoretical and practical knowledge through the state-of-the-art concepts and technologies in Computer Science and Engineering. • To inculcate values of professional ethics, leadership qualities and lifelong learning. • To create professionals for employment in industry, research, higher education, community partnerships,and entrepreneurship to benefit the society.

About the Department
About The Department The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers students undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D programs. The B.E (CSE.) program is applied for re-accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation [NBA]. The department regularly conducts special courses on advanced topics, to bridge the gap between the university curriculum and the need of the industry. The Post-graduate course, M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering was introduced in 2003.

The department has 8 computer laboratories with 250 computer terminals connected to Windows 2003 / Linux servers. These machines also have individual hard disk and are Windows Vista/Xp boot-able. All the necessary software required to carry out regular laboratory work and project work are available in the department. These facilities are exclusively for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science. A 16 Mbps leased line connectivity for internet access is also available.

PEOs (Program Educational Objectives)
1. Graduates will be capable of identifying and applying principles of Computer Science & Engineering, Mathematics and Scientific investigation to solve problems that are appropriate to Computer Science & Engineering discipline.
2. Graduates develop professional and communication skills for industry accepted computing practices and emerging technologies to solve real world problems.
3. Graduates exhibit team work and leadership qualities and thus apply such qualities ethically in career related activities.
4. Graduates engage in lifelong learning in Computer science & Engineering and related disciplines or successfully employed in Industry / R & D organizations.

Program Outcomes (POs):
After successful completion of the BE program in Computer Science and Engineering discipline, the students are expected to have attained the following abilities.
a) Graduates shall be capable of applying the knowledge of mathematics, sciences and Engineering in solving complex problems in Computer Science & Engineering. [Engineering Knowledge]
b) Graduates shall be able of identify and analyze problems in Computer Science & Engineering to formulate solutions, conduct experiments and interpret data. [Problem Analysis]
c) Graduates shall be able to design a system, component or process and develop solutions to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, health & safety, manufacturability and sustainability. [Design / Development of Solutions]
d) Graduates shall be capable of conducting investigation of complex problems by using specialized knowledge and expertise. [Conduct investigation of complex problems]
e) Graduates shall have an ability to create, select, deploy and apply modern tools in Computer Science & Engineering. [Modern tool usage]
f) Graduates shall be able of identify and analyze the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental and societal context. [Engineer and Society]
g) Graduates shall demonstrate and apply knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities. [Ethics]
h) Graduates shall have an ability to solve real-world problems either as an individual or as a leader in a team involving emerging technologies and multi-disciplinary tasks. [Individual and Team work]
i) Graduates shall have an ability to communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with society at large. [Communication]
j) Graduates shall demonstrate the knowledge of project management principles considering financial aspects. [Project management and Finance]
k) Graduates shall recognize the need for and an ability to engage in lifelong learning. [Lifelong learning]
l) Graduates shall have an ability to understand and apply the concepts of programming and computer design & technology. [Program Specific]

ACE, Association of Computer Engineering students conducts workshops, seminars, quiz programmes, project competitions and online competitive exams. It also brings out a fortnightly news bulletin for private circulation, highlighting the advances in the field of computers. Apart from ACE, the other professional associations are CSI-Student branch, IE-Student Branch and IEEE-Student branch.

1. Engineering Knowledge
2. Problem Analysis
3. Design / development of solutions
4. Conduct investigations of complex problems
5. Modern tool usage
6. The engineer and society
7. Environment and sustainability
8. Ethics
9. Individual and team work
10. Communication
11. Project management and finance
12. Life-long learning

Research activities Completion Title: A study and design of algorithm for VLSI CAD tool development towards applications involving exclusive modules. Funding agency: AICTE Title: Software infrastructure and programming model to enhance the performance of application on multi-core platform. Funding agency: DST Collaborations The Department has collaborations with IBM, Infosys, TCS, EMC, Robosoft and HP. Faculty Details
The department has well-qualified and experienced teaching staff, ably supported by a sufficient number of technical support staff.
Names Designation Area of Interest Email Address
Dr. Niranjan N Chiplunkar Principal/Professor CAD for VLSI, Embedded Systems, Computer Networks & Security
Dr. Uday Kumar Shenoy Professor Soft Computing
Dr. D K Sreekantha Professor Soft Computing
Dr. Uday Kumar Reddy Professor & HOD Graph Algorithms & Theoretical Computer Science
Dr. Senthamaraj Kannan Professor Graph Algorithms & Theoretical Computer Science
Dr. Sridhar Aithal V.Professor Graph Algorithms & Theoretical Computer Science
Dr. Seetharam Keshava Rao Professor Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. K K Achary V.Professor Graph Algorithms & Theoretical Computer Science
Mrs. Jyothi Shetty Asso. Prof. Soft Computing 
Mrs. Sharada Udaya Shenoy Asso.Professor Multimedia, Wireless Networks, Data Structures, OS
Mr. Venugopala P.S. Asso. Professor Image Processing, BI, UNIX
Mr. Roshan Fernandes Asso. Professor Web Services
Mr. Raju K Asso. Professor Computer Architecture, Parallel Computing, Compilers
Mr. Sudeepa K B Asso. Professor Cryptography and Network security
Ms. Sarika Hegde Asso. Professor Computer Architecture, Parallel Computing, Compilers
Mr. Radhakrishna Dodmane Asso. Professor Networks, Databases
Mr. Pradeep Kanchan Asst. Professor Gd.III Genetic Algorithms, Bio-inspired Algorithms
Mr. Vijaya Murari T Asst. Professor Gd.III Data Mining, Software Engineering, Networks, Database
Mr. Ravi B Asst. Professor Gd.III Computer Networks, Database, Compiler Design
Dr. Mohammed Javed Asst. Professor Gd.III Image processing, Pattern recognition, Data compression 
Dr. Aravind C V Asst. Professor Gd.III Networking /Data communication 
Mrs. Anisha P Rodrigues Asst. Professor Gd.II Image Processing
Mrs. Pallavi K N Asst. Professor Gd.II Cryptography and Network Security
Mr. Ranjan Kumar H S Asst. Professor Gd.II Visual Cryptography & System Software
Mr. Ramesha Shettigar Asst. Professor Gd. II Data Mining, Computer Networks, Algorithms
Mr. K.R. Raghunandan Asst. Professor Gd.II Networks & Security, Computer Architecture
Mrs. Minu P Abraham Asst. Professor Gd.II Networks & Security, Compiler Design
Mr. Sampath Kini Asst. Professor Gd.II Distributed Systems
Mr. Mahesh Kini Asst. Professor Gd.II Data Mining, Computer Networks, Natural Language Processing
Mrs. Asmita Poojary Asst. Professor Gd.II Cryptography
Ms. Shruthi M Asst. Professor Gd.II Cryptography
Ms. Savitha Shetty Asst. Professor Gd. I Computer Networks
Mr. Naveen D Chandavarkar Asst. Professor Gd.I Data Mining
Mr. Pawan Hegde Asst. Professor Gd.I Cloud Computing & Web Technology
Mrs. Keerthana B C Asst. Professor Gd.II Networking,Distributed Computing
Mrs. Shabari Shedthi Asst. Professor Gd.I Computer Networks & Security
Mr. Shashank Shetty Asst. Professor Gd.I Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, OS, Data Mining
Mr. Sannidhan M S Asst. Professor Gd.I Computer Architecture
Mr. Puneeth R P Asst. Professor Gd.I Data Structures, Analysis and Design of Algorithms,Distributed Computing and Computer Networks.
Ms. Shilpa Karegoudar Asst. Professor Gd.I Web Services, Data Mining
Mrs. Divya Jennifer D'Souza Asst. Professor Gd.I Web Services, Data Mining
Mrs. Rajalaxmi S Hegde Asst. Professor Gd.I Data mining, Algorithms,software Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
Mr. Krishna Prasad Rao Asst. Professor Gd.I OS, Java, Web Technologies
Mr. Sunil Kumar Aithal Asst. Professor Gd.I OS, Java, Web Technologies
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Hegde Asst. Professor Gd.I BigData,Object oriented Programming,Operating System,Computer Network. 
Ms. Swathi Pai M Asst. Professor Gd.I Computer Science & Engineering. 
Ms. Ankitha A Nayak Asst. Professor Gd.I Image Processing, Video Processing,MAD,Parallel Programming,BigData & Analysis 
Ms. Rajashree Asst. Professor Gd.I Networking /Data communication