Civil Engineering

About the Departemnt
The civil engineering department started in 1987 with a UG Programme with an intake of 60. Annual Intake has been increased to 120 from the academic year 2012-13. Two year Post Graduation degree programme M.Tech. in Construction Technology was started in 2010 with an intake of 18 and M.Tech in Structural Engineering in the year 2017 with an intake of 24. It is also recognized as a Research Centre offering M.Sc. (Engg.) and Ph.D. programmes. Presently 9 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. in the department. In addition to this, the Departmental Students Association (OCEAN) organise seminars, workshops, educational tours, design competitions for civil engineering students. It also conducts Leadership Training, Personality Development Training and Entrepreneurship Development Programmes. The department has taken up Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology (KSCST) funded projects. Department is also working on Development of Masonry blocks and Paver blocks using Industrial waste materials under Karnataka New Age Incubation Centre, NMAMIT funded by Dept. of IT, BT, S & T, Govt. of Karnataka.

Vision of the Departemnt
To uphold the Department as a leader in community development through innovation and excellence in diverse areas of Civil Engineering to meet the global challenges and market demands.
Mission of the Departemnt
To provide the students a strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills to understand the basic concept and fundamentals of various Civil Engineering subjects. To be competent and skilled enough to take the challenges in Research, Consultancy and Entrepreneurship.
To encourage the students in developing professional ethics through discipline and principles.
Academic & Research Programmes
Undergraduate Programmes
Degree :- B.E                    Programme :- Civil Engineering
Duration :- 4 years                    Intake :- 120
Semesters :- 8                ;   Total Credits :- 200
Post Graduate Programmes
Degree :- M.Tech                    Programme :- Construction Technology
Duration :- 2 years                    Intake :- 18
Semesters :- 4                    Total Credits :- 100
Degree :- M.Tech                   M.Tech Programme:- Structural Engineering
Duration :- 2 years                    Intake :- 24
Semesters :- 4                    Total Credits :- 100
Research centre :- Approved by VTU since 2012

Dr. Udayakumar G
Professor & Head
Department of Civil Engineering
The Department of Civil Engineering has well experienced dedicated faculty members in almost all areas of specialisation offering both undergraduate and post graduate programmes. The department of civil engineering is providing ample facilities and encouragement in carrying out the projects mainly concentrating on utilisation of waste, and replacement of cement in the preparation of concrete, recycling and reuse of waste water, research in alternative building materials, applications of RS and GIS and so on. I am happy to note that the students are taking up social and environmental concerned projects. The department encourages research and development activities in the emerging areas. The department work as a team to achieve excellence. I am happy to announce that the department will have a new civil engineering block from August 2018.

Faculty Details
Faculty Details Area of Interest
Dr. Udayakumar G
Professor & Head
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Water Conservation, Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines, Groundwater Engineering.
Dr. I R Mithanthaya
M.Tech.,MBA, Ph.D.
Vice Principal & Dean (Academics)
Engineering Mechanics Strength of materials Structural Analysis Structural Design Bridge Engineering Civil Engineering Management Transportation Engineering Building Construction Matrix Analysis of Structures.
Dr. A N Parameswaran
Director, Institute Industry Collaboration & Coordinator
Engineering Education, Structural Engineering.
Dr. Srinath Shetty K
Geotechnical Engineering Ground improvement techniques Foundation Engineering Valuation of real properties
Dr. Radhakrishnan K
M.Sc.,M.Phil, Ph.D.
sprawls in integrated Geomatic (Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System) and Geophysical applications in various fields of Civil Engineering
Dr. S K Mahadeve Gowda
M.Tech, Ph.D.
Ground Water Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanics
Dr. Arun Kumar Bhat
M.Tech, Ph.D.
Slope stability, Stabilization of soil, Alternate building materials, Cost effective construction, Rigid and flexible pavements, Geotechnical Engineering, Ground improvement techniques.
Mr. Y R Suresh
M.Tech, M.E (Ph.D).
Assoc. Professor
Analysis and Design of RCC and Steel Structures Finite Element Analysis Hydrological Modelling Fluid Dynamics Soft Computing Techniques Computational Structural Mechanics
Mr. Lokesh J K
Asst. Professor
Structural Engineering
Mr. Umashankar Shetty
Asst. Professor
Concrete, Geopolymer Concrete , Surveying
Dr. Bhojaraja B E
M.Tech, Ph.D
Asst. Professor
Hyper spectral Remote Sensing Applications RS & GIS Applications Civil engineering
Mr. Pushparaj M
Asst. Professor
Environmental engineering Concrete technology
Mr. Sundip Shenoy
Asst. Professor
Construction project management Concrete technology
Mr. Gururaj Acharya
Asst. Professor
Concrete technology Pavement materials
Mr. Ranjith A
M.Tech (Ph.D)
Asst. Professor
Durability Based Service life Design of RCC, Steel, PSC. Probabilistic and Reliability based design, Earthquake resistant design
Mr. Prashanth Kumar K
M.Tech (Ph.D)
Asst. Professor
Geoinformatics , Water-Resources Investigations, Climate change , Atmospheric , Fluid Dynamics.
Mr. Manjunath M
M.Tech (Ph.D)
Asst. Professor
Heritage restoration and conservation, Fire safety, Design of RCC Structures, Repair and Restoration of Damaged structures.
Mr. Roshan Rai
Asst. Professor
Transportation Engineering , Concrete Technology
Ms. Thangamani R
M.Tech (Ph.D)
Asst. Professor
Geology and Groundwater , Remote sensing and GIS, Hydrology & Irrigation , Environmental Engineering
Mr. Anil Kumar
M.Tech (Ph.D)
Asst. Professor
Geo-Technical Engineering, Ground Improvement and Concrete Technology.
Mr. Rakshith Kumar Shetty
Asst. Professor
Structural Dynamics, Engineering Mechanics, Strength of materials, Structural Analysis.
Mr. Prithviraj H K
Asst. Professor
Water and wastewater engineering, solid waste management, water distribution system design using EPANET software.
Mr. Shriram P Marathe
M.Tech (Ph.D)
Asst. Professor
Alkali-activated (Geo-Polymer) Concrete applications for Pavements, Stabilization of Sub-grade soil and Soil Mechanics applications in Highway Engineering , Highway and Airfield Pavement Material Characterization and Pavement Design, Traffic Engineering and Highway Safety.
Mr. Shaik Kabeer Ahmed
M.Tech (Ph.D)
Asst. Professor
Analysis and Design of RCC and Steel Structures Structural Dynamics Earthquake Engineering Concrete Technology Design of Bridges Composite Structural Design
Mr. Janakraj M
Asst. Professor
Project management, Lean Construction Practices, Concrete Technology, Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering
Mr. Sabyath P Shetty
Asst. Professor
Design of RCC Structural Elements Design of Bridges Engineering Mechanics
Mr. Pradeep Karanth
Asst. Professor
Reinforced cement concrete Pre-stressed Concrete Structural Analysis Strength of Materials Quantity survey and estimation
Mr. Thushar S Shetty
Asst. Professor
Structural Analysis Engineering Mechanics Pre-stressed Concrete Finite Element Analysis
Dr. Mithun B M
M.Tech, Ph.D
Asst. Professor
Concrete Technology, Advanced Concrete Technology,Special Concretes, Alternative Building Materials and Technologies, Green Building Design, Construction Quality and Safety Management, Organizational Behaviour, Materials of Construction, Building Construction.
Mr. Shanmukha Shetty
Asst. Professor
Continuum Mechanics Structural Dynamics Structural Analysis Strength of Materials Finite Element Analysis Theory of Plates and Shells Stability of Structures Engineering Mechanics Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Ms. Thanushree A Hegde
Asst. Professor
Building Materials and Construction, Concrete Technology and Transportation Engineering
Mr. Sushanth S Bhandary
Asst. Professor
Solid Waste Management, Water and waste water analysis, Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental management, ISO series of standards, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Auditing, Occupational safety and health management.

Domains of Expertise
* Structures : 11
* CAD Structures : 02
* Structural Engg. : 06
* Industrial Structures : 02
* Marine Structures : 01
* Construction Technology & Management : 05
* Geotechnical Engineering : 03
* Hydraulics & Water Resources : 03
* Engineering Geology : 01
* Environmental Engineering : 01
* Transportation Engineering : 03
* Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System : 01
* Geohydrology & Geomatics : 01

Research Publications

Year 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 Total
Journals 19 18 17 01 - 55
Conferences 07 03 02 02 01 15

Major Laboratories and Equipment

The Department of Civil Engineering has 10 well equipped laboratories: Material Testing Lab, Highway Engineering Lab, Concrete Lab, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab, Surveying Lab, Geo-Technical Engineering Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Applied Engineering Geology Lab, CAD Lab, Remote Sensing and GIS Lab and Structures Lab. The department has STAAD-PRO software, E-TAB, AUTO DESK and CYPE-CAD soft wares and has procured the GIS software under TEQIP.

Laboratory Facilities and Major Equipment
Sl.No. Laboratory Area in (Sq.M.) Lab/Major Equipment
1. Concrete & Highway Engg. 160 1. Marshal Stability testing machine
2. Abrasion testing MAchine
3. Ultrasonic Pulse velocity tester
4. Core driller machine
2. Geotechnical Engg 113 1. Consolidation Apparatus
2. Triazial testing apparatus with electronic indicator
3. Plate load testing apparatur
4. Digital Data logger
3. Material Testing 220 1. FIE Universal Testing Machine (40 T capacity)
2. FIE Universal Testing Machine (100 T capacity)
3. Vickers Hardness Tester
4. Environmental Engg. 71 1. Flame Photometer
2. Spectrophotometer
3. COD Digester TR420
5. Surveying 46 1. Total Station Model R-325NX
2. Electronic theodolite
6. Applied Engg. Geology 77 1. Signal Stacking
2. Resistivity meter
7. RS & GIS 73 1. Computers
2. Resistivity meter
8. Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machinery 220 1. Single state Centrifugal pump
2. Impact of Jet on Vanes setup
3. Reciprocating pump
4. Pelton turbine

9. CAD 120 1. Computers
2. Printer (HP Laser Jet 1020)
3. Scanner (scan jet 4370)
10. Structures 120 1. Loading frame with automated hydraulic loading cell, LVDT's

Licensed software

Name Year of Purchase No. of Users
AUTOCAD 2015 125
CYPE CAD 2016 05
Geo Media Pro. 2015 05

Sponsored R&D and Ongoing Projects

Academic Year No. of Projects Amount (Rs. in lakhs) Funding Agency Status
2016-17 02 13.48 NMAMIT, Nitte On going
2015-16 02 6.0 KBITS* Completed
2014-15 01 3.0 KBITS* Completed
* Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services

Consultancy and Third Party Inspection Works (2014-2017)
* Laboratory testing of soil, cement, sand, coarse aggregates, bitumen and water samples
* Concrete mix design
* Design and Drafting of RCC and Steel structures
* Surveying of Tanks
* Field tests on roads and buildings to check the quality of work
* Inspection of roads, culverts, drains, buildings, etc.
* Design, Drawing & Vetting (Passenger Jetti at Malpe)

The agencies which are making use of the facility include:
City Municipal Council, Udupi
Town Municipal Council, Karkala
Town Municipal Council, Kaup
Panchayath Raj Engineering Division, Karkala
Public Works, Ports and Inland Water Transport Department, Karkala
Karnataka Rural Infrastructural Development Limited, Udupi District
Nirmithi Kendra, Udupi District
Hindu Religion and Endowment Department, Udupi District
Total revenue earned from consultancy in the last four years is around Rs. 80 lakhs.
Year No's Amount
2016-17 4 23000/-
2015-16 1 4000/-
2014-15 1 7000/-
2013-14 2 9000/-
Year No's
2016-17 03
2015-16 01
2014-15 05
2013-14 04
Tech Nidarshan
Photography Club
Best Outgoing student
Best Project (EXPRO)
Paper Presentation
Project Competition
Alumni Project funding

Technical Visit to Hospete 2016-17

Industrial Visit to Water Treatment Plant at Mysore-2017

Farewell for the batch 2013 -2017

Construction of cement concrete pavement at Udupi -2017

OCEAN cup women runners 2016-17

OCEAN cup men winners 2016-17

OCEAN cup girls - winners 2016-17

Inauguration of Bridge Design Workshop 2016-17

Engineers week 2015-16

Manual Drafting Competition 2015-16

Proposed Civil Engineering block