Chemistry Department

The department was established in 1986 during the inception of the institution. It provides a strong basic foundation for the students of first year BE level. The department has well equipped laboratory for the undergraduates as well as for research work.

Research Activities

The department was approved by VTU as research centre in 2011. The department is actively engaged in research in the areas of synthetic organic chemistry, isolation and characterization of natural products, environmental analytical chemistry, polymers, magnetic nanocomposites, electrodeposition and characterization of multilayer alloy coatings and their corrosion protection. The department has a strong record of achievements both in teaching and publishing research articles in national and international journals. The department has 25 original research publications in national / international journals and 25 national/ international conference proceedings till date. Presently four students are pursuing their Ph. D. in the research centre.
Faculty Details

Names Designation Specialization Email Address
Dr.Janardhan Nayak Professor Synthesis, Characterization and study of biological activity of heterocyclic compound.
Dr. Ramesh Bhat Assoc. Professor/Head Electrochemistry, Multilayer coating metal or alloys (Nano layer),Corrosion Inhibition study
Dr.Arathi Bhat Asst.Professor Gd.III Nano oxide polymer, Electrochemistry, Solution Chemistry
Dr. Subramanya I Bhat Asst. Professor Gd.III Synthetic organic Chemistry and Green ChemistryĀ 
Mr. Shivaprasad Shetty Asst. Professor Synthetic organic Chemistry and Natural product Chemistry
Ms. Neetha Nirupama Research Scholar Synthetic organic Chemistry --